182 Chapter 125 The First Three Stars of Star!_2

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"This drop of blood essence comes from the Night Demon Dragon."

"Xi Lu?" (What do you mean?)

Star Prime blinked, a little confused.

Night Demon Dragon. This seems to be related to its first primary resource, right?

The blood essence also comes from the Night Demon Dragon. That sounds like a good thing, doesn't it?

"This means that the Night Demon Dragon can reach the King Stage." Seeing that Star Prime still hadn't sensed the problem, Xu Ran sighed and lightly tapped its head.

"Xi Lu!!!"

Star Prime's eyes widened suddenly.

Now it understood.

The Night Demon Dragon could advance to the King Stage, signifying it belonged to the King Species.

Then, the single horn of a mature Night Demon Dragon…

"Things are not so bad." Xu Ran gently consoled the worried Star Prime, "The Night Demon Dragon is indeed a King Species, but it doesn't mean that it only matures upon reaching the King Stage."

"Normally, a Night Demon Dragon at the General stage is already considered mature."


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