Unsealing Emptiness

He was not a human since no human is aware of himself even before his birth. He has no blood and no heart, but emotions? He does have feelings, but can he express them? Why was he called a Devil's Spawn at his birth? Why did they cut away his arms and a leg? Why did no one ever visit him for years? And why does this emptiness... feels so... just so familiar? Why does the Void feel so... full? Who is he? Or rather... What is he? Countless questions—all left unanswered. This is Ozul Ashfall's Adventure to comprehend his own existence. ______________________________________ Disclaimer: I do not own this cover, and if you are the owner and want me to take it down, please contact me on the discord server: discord.gg/RVBHh4rTJJ

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470 Chs

Phoenix City.

As Ozul confirmed that they would stay with her, Ember didn't waste any time and called one of her men.

Zier recognized him immediately; everyone did. He was the man responsible for changing the location they would appear in when they exited this estate. The man who could always be found at the gate.

"It's time," she spoke as the man's eyes lit up, understanding the implication, "Bring the estate back."

"As you command, Master!"

The man ran out in a rush of excitement as evident from his loud voice. 

Following this, Ozul could feel the emotions of happiness rising all over the estate. The man was running around, telling everyone that they were setting the estate back to Phoenix City.

With his sharpened senses, he couldn't miss these details even if he wanted to. His mind automatically started scanning the people with strong emotions.