41 House.

The next day when Ozul woke up, he was alone in his room. Raven and Blaze had both gone out for breakfast.

Blaze had asked Raven to let him stay with Ozul, but Raven said that at the moment, he wouldn't need any of his assistance. Furthermore, she knew that not everyone was like Ozul, and people needed to eat human food to survive.

They were not yet Rank-6 Mages who could even survive a couple of months without any food.

Blaze reluctantly followed her, but not before threatening the Inn Owner not to disturb Ozul. Raven also did not say anything in this matter. Heck, she was going to do the same if Blaze had not done it.

The Inn Owner was only an average human. He was not a Fighter nor a Mage, so he was quite easily scared of the big guy with shining blue eyes.

Next, Blaze and Raven looked for quite a bit before they managed to find a property dealer.

Since she had all the money with her, Raven did not waste any time and chose the best house they could get with the features that Ozul wanted.

He had said that the house must not be so prominent. There should, of course, be a garden and it would be better if it were not close to the center of the city.

Adron City was not some small run-down town. The whole city was under the jurisdiction of a Marquis.

It was quite a prospering city after the Marquis took hold of the position as the City Lord.

Raven searched for the whole day for an estate while Blaze went to complete some missions in the Mercenary Guild.

Yesterday, Raven had already registered them as a team. So, no matter who performs the task, the whole team can advance in Ranks until Silver Rank! Each person would have to pass some test for them to be promoted to Gold Rank Mercenary.

Blaze had no problem in doing minor tasks. They were quite easy, and even an experienced Rank-2 Fighter could perform them much less him who was a Rank-5 Mage.

The strongest person that Blaze had noticed was a man with a Silver Badge on his shoulder, indicating that he was a Silver Rank Mercenary. But even that Silver Rank was only a Rank-3 Mage!

Furthermore, these kinds of people do not have any solid foundation because they couldn't afford the resources.

He did the odd jobs for the whole day and went back to the inn with three Bronze Badges! He only stopped when Roland came to him with the promotion notice!

He did not care about any promotion, but they would still need a higher Rank to accept the better missions.

When he arrived back at their room, Ozul and Raven were preparing to leave. He informed both of them about their promotion and gave the badges to Raven.

They didn't like to wear the emblem on their shoulders just to show that they were some big shots.

. . .

Raven had already bought the property, and she was now leading Ozul and Blaze to their new home.

Half an hour later, they were on the outskirts of the city. You would hardly see any people because not only was it night time, but these parts of the city would barely have people living here.

Only the poor would choose this location because living in the center of the city was not only safer but also expensive.

Of course, they had enough money to buy some Mansion in the inner districts of the city, but Ozul preferred his peace.

They arrived in front of a big property. It didn't look anything luxurious, but it still covered a relatively large area.

Again, there was a big garden before the structure. Wooden fences also protected the garden.

Behind the house were only trees and empty land. There were no houses or any type of structure nearby. It looked quite peaceful as well.

When they entered the house, Ozul saw the big lounge with round couches in the center of it.

'Sigh... that girl just wasted the money. There are only three of us, and yet she bought a house this big...'- Ozul thought that buying a house as big as this was only a waste of money.

But he wouldn't care about it either way. He just shrugged it off and went outside to see if he could find a place in the garden to sleep.

Unfortunately, he couldn't find any place as the weeds and grass was too long for any site to be comfortable.

Fortunately, he just needed to will it and Ball of Purity formed into several blades and leveled the weeds! In only a few minutes, Ozul found a perfect spot and laid down there.

Raven and Blaze, on the other hand, decided to check the surroundings of the house and set some traps here and there. They were located in a desolated area, and there could be some dilly-dallies who would want to disturb their peace.

They weren't afraid of some bugs, but they would just be annoying to deal with.

Later, when they went outside, they saw that Ozul was already fast asleep.

Raven took out some pills and a spare Spatial Ring and threw them towards Blaze before going towards Ozul to provide him with the lap pillow.

Raven had already taught Blaze how to become a Fighter, albeit unwillingly. So, he sat down in the middle of the garden to start practicing.

Mages at Rank-5 could go without sleep for a couple of days, and they still wouldn't feel anything. Hence, Blaze trained a bit before going to sleep.

Not sleeping was one thing, but training would constantly drain your stamina so he was tired after a few hours.

. . .

The next morning, Ozul woke up to find that Blaze and Raven were meditating in the middle of the garden.

He did not disturb them and went inside to sleep as the Sun would be outside any minute now.

'Sigh... I can't spend days or months only sleeping.'- Ozul thought while sitting in the lounge.

He quite liked the idea of just sleeping, but he knew that it wouldn't get him anywhere if he does so.

Ozul decided that being so passive will only result in his downfall. So, he planned to join the future missions from the Mercenary Guild.

Thinking some things through, Ozul took a nap on the couch until Raven and Blaze would finish their training.

When they came inside, Ozul evaluated their progress and let them finish their food.

Starting from today, they would regularly go on missions.

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