78 The Great Plantation Skill

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In the valley, outside the ruins.

Everyone was waiting for Shi Yu to appear.

After an unknown period of time, a figure finally appeared.

As this familiar figure appeared, many people held their breaths.

"There are so many people."

The new figure was the first to speak. This person was undoubtedly Shi Yu.

He came out after studying the stone pearl that could control the ruins.

He realized that this stone pearl was the real body of the ruin.

It was like spatial equipment. Inside was a huge ruin space.

This ruin was quite special. There were clearly many icy plains and snow mountains before, but the actual situation inside was actually empty and barren.

In essence, it wasn't an ice-element space, but an extremely malleable ordinary space.

Everything that they saw when they entered should have been conjured by that "Artifact Spirit" shell with illusions.


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