498 Shi Yu vs Emperor Kong (4)

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The elemental lord carried out a super long endurance. Through this endurance, Ji Feng kept dealing with the Void Mantis.

However, a few minutes later, after repeated failures, Ji Feng realized that this Void Mantis was simply playing with him because it was bored. From the beginning to the end, due to the crushing of skills, the Elemental lord was in the other party's rhythm. He also tried to use his talent to let the elemental lord borrow the natural energy in the ruins, but the natural energy of fire, wind, and light was too thin. On the other hand, the other party's demonic domain was activated almost instantly, cutting off everything.

"Can you be more serious?" Ji Feng looked at the Void Mantis holding two sabers in mid-air and floating back leisurely under the continuous attacks of the elemental master.

"Are you in such a hurry to lose?" The Void Mantis said in boredom, "You're still considered not bad. I'll play with you longer."


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