1501 Shi Yu Fails (4)

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Previously, this Super Holy Beast basically used divine skills like Water Control and Ice Control to end the battle when it defeated the enemy. This was the first time everyone knew that this guy's defense was also so terrifying, several times more terrifying than the Red Ant that had mastered top-notch defensive divine skills.

Perhaps even Zavay's combination divine skill that could injure Eleven couldn't break through the defense of the Super Holy Beast!

No wonder… No wonder the box god ranked the Super Holy Beast third among the ten newbies. The Time Sect Master, who was ranked fifth, really couldn't defeat this Super Holy Beast at all.

The difference between the two parties looked even greater than the tenth place's World Destruction Dragon and the sixth place's World Cleansing Demon Duck!!

"So, why didn't God Shi Yu go on stage to support his pet? This situation is too dangerous. This Super Holy Beast's defense is so strong!!"


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