Eliminating Earth Rats

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Although there were many missions, there didn't seem to be many suitable for Eleven.

The missions here were purely because some people wanted to spend little to hire Beast Tamers as temporary workers.

For example, the mission to capture the Wind Locust alive was issued by a hotel and entrusted to the Beast Tamer Association.

Wind Locusts were extraordinary creatures, agricultural pests, and even popular food on the dining table.

Compared to directly buying live Wind Locusts from the farm, it was more practical to purchase them here in the form of a mission.

The only downside was that the efficiency was slower, but this obviously wasn't a time-limited emergency mission. They wanted it to be long-term.

It was actually quite troublesome to catch a flying Wind Locust. Although these guys weren't much stronger than the Green Silk Worm, their agility was very high. Their racial skill was Wind Wings, so they were very fast.

After looking around, if it wasn't because Eleven couldn't fly and it was too difficult to carry out this mission, perhaps Shi Yu would have chosen this mission.

In the battle just now, although victory was relatively easy, it wasn't like Shi Yu didn't reflect on it at all.

That Ice-Armored Beast's attack was very fast. Eleven, who didn't have much battle experience, could only instinctively harden his whole body's defense against the attack.

However, there was actually another choice at that time. It was to determine the opponent's attack position and only carry out a partial hardening.

This way, it could save a lot of stamina.

Although proficiency-level Hardening gave them the ability to fight with their whole bodies hardened, the pets winning at the smallest cost obviously meant that they had better battle skills.

"Perhaps the next skill can be 'super vision'."

Although the Iron-Eating Beast's explosive speed was very fast, it needed to have better reaction speed and vision.

Shi Yu felt that his eyesight was better than Eleven's even while wearing sunglasses.

This racial flaw caused Eleven to be unable to accurately determine the enemy's attack position during the battle just now, so it could only harden its whole body.

But if it acquired super vision, this situation could be greatly improved. In battle, it would effectively be able to see the enemy's attack.

And missions such as capturing agile Wind Locusts were obviously also training methods to cultivate one's super vision and reflexes to a relatively good level. Naturally, it was a backup choice for Shi Yu.

"Actually, this mission to eliminate the Earth Mouse can also be done…"

As Eleven couldn't fly, Shi Yu was looking at another mission.

The Earth-Element Rat, also known as the Earth Mouse, was a low-level creature in the pet world. Their racial skill was Earth Escape. In other words, they were good at underground escape. In terms of battle power, awakened Earth-Element Rats were at most comparable to wild dogs. They could, one-on-one, handle adults with weapons.

However, the trouble with these creatures was that they reproduced too quickly, came in large numbers, and were agile. When they encountered danger, they would usually cooperate with each other, and it was impossible to judge their threat from just the level of growth normally.

Fortunately, unless they encountered a desperate situation, their first choice when encountering other creatures would definitely be to escape. Otherwise, the impact they had would definitely be greater.

But even so, this kind of creature was even worse than the Wind Locust. They were listed as one of the Four Pests because they moved frequently, were usually hungry, and acted rampant, searching for food with all their might.

Not only were they stealing food and destroying crops, but their earth escape skills could also damage buildings.

There might be a relatively small number of them in the city, but there were a large number of Earth Rats in some rural areas. It was difficult to get rid of them completely no matter what. It was very troublesome.

The mission to get rid of the Earth Mice was jointly issued by several villages that were under the Ping Cheng District. It was also a long-term mission. Almost every day, there would be a Beast Tamer team going to the countryside to get rid of these pests.

Annihilating the Earth Rat might not necessarily be easier than capturing the Wind Locust. It seemed like it could also be used to train Eleven's reaction speed.

This reminded Shi Yu of a game…

Beat the Earth Mouse!

Finding the Earth Rat and getting rid of it before it escaped into the ground, wasn't that the same as playing the Whack-A-Mole game?

This mission would be paid according to the number of Earth Rats that were killed. The price wasn't high either, so it was inferior to the Wind Locust.

Shi Yu suspected that the main reason was that their bodies tasted like mud. No one wanted to eat them. They weren't as tasty as the Wind Locust, so the bounties were cheap…

"It's not bad to take Eleven out to train for a few days.

"The hardening training has come to an end. The proficient level of hardening is enough for now."

To properly train a pet, it had to develop in all aspects!

After confirming that he had accepted the mission to clear the Earth Rat, Shi Yu, who was holding his identity certificate, prepared to register.

But just as he was queuing, coincidentally, he felt that the person in front was very familiar.

The Beast Tamer in front of him also seemed to have sensed something. He subconsciously turned around and saw the smiling Shi Yu.

"What a coincidence."

"Has the Ice-Armored Beast recovered?"

This person happened to be the top student Shi Yu and Eleven had just defeated, Chen Kai.

At that moment, when Chen Kai turned around and saw Shi Yu, his expression darkened instantly.

"It's recovered," he said unhappily.

"Are you here for a mission too?" Shi Yu asked.

Chen Kai nodded.

After the Ice-Armored Beast's injuries were treated by the Beast Tamer with healing ability in the battle hall, the more he thought about it after losing the battle, the more uncomfortable he felt.

Thus, Chen Kai decided to work hard and take advantage of the weekend to take on missions to train himself. Then, he took a taxi here, one step faster than Shi Yu, who couldn't bear to spend money on one.

"You too? What mission do you plan to take on?" Chen Kai asked after nodding.

He wanted to know what kind of training mission an "expert" like Shi Yu would accept. Perhaps it would be worth some reference.

"Clearing rats. Specifically Earth Rats," said Shi Yu.

"By yourself?" Chen Kai was stunned.

Shi Yu nodded.

"Is there a problem?"

"No… Usually, it's more suitable for a few people to team up for this mission. Because Earth-Element Rats are too cunning, teamwork is often needed to more easily eliminate them on a large scale. —Why don't I form a team with you? I'll take this mission too," Chen Kai said hurriedly.

Shi Yu: "?"

What was wrong with this person?

I'm not a beauty, and I had just tortured him. Why was he so proactive?

"There's no difference between one person and two people, right…?"

"I can go and call two more classmates. When the time comes, there will be people controlling, people pulling aggro, and people attacking. It will be more efficient."

Shi Yu: "…"

Are you fighting a level boss here?

Shi Yu thought about it. A few Earth Rats alone were indeed not much of a threat, but if there were more of them, it would indeed be a little difficult for him to deal with a nest of them.

Forming a team seemed to be a pretty good choice too. He couldn't be as antisocial as before.

"Sure," Shi Yu nodded and said, "then let's take this mission together."

"Alright, I'll call two more students tonight to form a standard four-person team." Chen Kai smiled.

If it were just someone of the same age, he wouldn't be so rushed either. It was mainly because Shi Yu's strength had indeed hit him. He wanted to take a further look at how Shi Yu trained his pets.

How did Shi Yu train the lazy Iron-Eating Beast?

After the two confirmed it, they agreed to meet here tomorrow morning.

After that, Shi Yu didn't stay outside for long. On the way home, he headed to the pharmacy to replenish his supplements.

"You again?" In the pharmacy, the young doctor had a strange expression when he saw Shi Yu.

This was the third time Shi Yu had come in the past half a month.

What exactly was this person doing every day?

"Cough, there's been a lot more training and even a battle between pets. In addition, my health has been poor since I was young, so I have no choice…" Shi Yu explained.

The young doctor expressed his understanding and sympathy and gave Shi Yu supplements. At this moment, Shi Yu was also considering whether he should change to another pharmacy. Otherwise, his reputation would be affected sooner or later.