1364 Demigod vs True God (3)

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The venue returned to calm. As Eleven landed with a bang, it raised its head and looked at its opponent. The expression of the Star Refining Race's Fanba could no longer be described as incredulous.

"Sob…" At this moment, Eleven also panted. It saw that its opponent seemed to be even weaker than it and walked back to the arena step by step.

It was over…

It, Panda King Eleven… was indeed the strongest!

"I…" It was difficult for the Star Refining Race's Fanba to accept, but then, the huge pain in its abdomen still made it lose consciousness. Before it lost consciousness, it saw the monster called Eleven in the corner of its eye and punched its stomach.


The mace left its hand, and Fanba was sent flying. It shattered the wall and completely lost consciousness!!

Scenes were clearly transmitted to the working room of the Myriad Races Committee by the judge robot.


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