1363 Demigod vs True God (2)

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Even so, from the looks of it, it was still suppressing the Star Refining Race's Fanba!!

This made Sen Nian and the green dragon almost go crazy. So last time… what exactly happened?

"Ji…" At this moment, seeing that Eleven had finally released the power of the Battle God Body to its heart's content, Buggy was also quite excited. As expected of a top-notch battle physique. No, it was better to say that it was as expected of a leader. Just one Battle God Body wasn't enough to make Eleven so strong. Its powerful foundation was also the key to letting the Battle God Body display such a strong effect. With five top-notch divine skills on its body, it was difficult for its foundation to be poor.


After a few minutes of collision, two figures appeared in the center of the arena at the same time. Then, they appeared and slid back. A long crack appeared under their feet before they stabilized their bodies with friction.


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