1503 Current Situation of the Team Internal Tournament (2)

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Although they were quite worried at the start, when they thought about how they might have to fight the Four Holy Family, the five super divines of Blue Planet, who had been keeping a low profile for a long time, felt an inexplicable sense of anticipation and excitement…

They were afraid, but how could they not have a hidden desire to court death when they dared to form five parties to explore the era ruins when they were young?

After returning to the God Sealing Battle competition, the defeat of the World Destruction Dragon and the Time Sect Master was completely unexpected. The strength of the World Cleansing Demon Duck and the Super Holy Beast was also unexpected. Even the super divine Luster suddenly felt that Shi Yu wasn't that desirable anymore.

Perhaps the other eight newbies were even more monstrous? What exactly was going on with this year's World King Planet… The 177th Fleet was confused.


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