1359 Crushing Stars (2)

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Weaker enemies, countered by clones, ordinary enemies, physical battles, stronger enemies, gods, and devils with a thought. Enemies stronger than them had the same thought. As for the control of light, it was mercilessly abandoned by Eleven. It was regarded as the skill with the lowest cost-effective ratio. It planned to wait for Shi Yu to fuse it with other skills in the future.

"Wuu!!!" In Little Zi's body, Buggy and Eleven fought. After Buggy's Green Dragon Indestructible Body was crushed by the Battle God Body again, Buggy cried. Eleven let out the umpteenth triumphant roar.

As for the other pets, they didn't play with Eleven at all.

Baby Ginseng worked hard to improve the cultivation fruit. Ling went to the research institute to study. Susu cleansed the pollution source daily to support the family, while Chi Tong brought the second team out to watch movies and shop.


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