1357 Battle God Bear Eleven (6)

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Previously, he had used Eleven's explosive skill and restoration skills to fuse, forming a battle divine body with an invincible body. Now, Shi Yu was using the Nine Li Army's clone skill as the core to fuse with the skills of wind, water, earth, exort, and space.

To be honest, he still didn't know what skills he could bet, but these skills happened to have a success rate. This made Shi Yu choose to give it a try.

It was still an incomparably difficult process. During this period, Eleven stood in the Taiji Domain. Eight panda clones about Eleven's size slowly formed under the spinning of the Taiji Painting.

At first, they only looked like black and white pandas, but soon, as the black and white power circled, metal armor of different colors appeared on their bodies. There was white armor, red armor, brown armor, green armor, and blue armor. They were of different styles!!

Every panda clone was filled with a powerful aura that wasn't inferior to a demigod.


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