1199 Zhuo Donglai’s Anger, the Holy Violet Imperial Commander, the Wooden Puppet Refining Technique

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"D*mn it! D*mn it!"

Somewhere in the Immortal World, a thundering roar sounded from within a glamorous golden palace!

Then, a huge sun rose into the sky.

It was emanating a vast divine might and… endless rage!

Some of the maids surrounding the palace were so scared that they fell on their knees, their faces pale and terrified.

That was the first time they had seen the Heavenly Champions so angry.

His rage was ten times worse than when he was turned down by the Holy Jade Pool Maiden Sage!

Inside the palace, Zhuo Donglai, the Heavenly Champion of the Eastern King School was seething with rage. His eyes were bloodshot and burning with anger.

"Chu Kuangren! Chu Kuangren!"

"We shall never see eye to eye!" Zhuo Donglai gritted his teeth and said.

Although he was angry, he did not lose his rational sense. He understood that he was currently not a match for Chu Kuangren.


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