Weeping Phantom Ridge, Eroding Bone Poison Flame, Pockmarked Lady

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'He's something else.'

After a quick glance at Chu Kuangren and a slight surprise, Hui Fa shifted his attention away. He had absolute confidence in himself.

Even though Chu Kuangren was a King Immortal Progeny, Hui Fa was confident enough to take him down because he was already on the Immortal Path!

That fact alone boosted his confidence. After all, he was no longer in the same ranks as the common King Immortal Progeny. Even better, he should not consider himself as an Immortal Progeny anymore. 

Since he was now on his Immortal Path, he should be a… 


The group left for Weeping Phantom Ridge.

The closer they got, the heavier the mist. Its effect on the cultivators also got more severe, but fortunately, they got Hui Fa in the raiding party.

Along the way, Hui Fa and his peers channeled their Buddhist Lights and blocked out the majority of the rage qi for everyone.