Unconscious Crown Prince, Another Supreme Daoist Physique

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Anywhere the sword's light beam touched, the void around it was obliterated to the point of collapsing.

The mighty and majestic-looking Dragon Poise was instantly reduced to nothing!

The crown prince of the Azure Dynasty, Gu Changge was again flung across with wounds wildly spurting blood from the attack he received. That was the second time he had been sent flying by Chu Kuangren.

With a single slash of the blade as well!

"Your highness!"

The expression on Elder Ouyang's face changed, and he dashed towards the crown prince.

The injuries that were inflicted upon the Azure Dynasty's crown prince were more severe than before, even the Dragon Scale Armor had been cracked after blocking that attack. Menacing wisps of Sword Qi were seeping through the cracks of that armor, continuously damaging Gu Change's body.

"This is just a simple friendly match, was it necessary to land such a strong blow?"

Elder Ouyang stared at Chu Kuangren with anger.

His Supreme Poise darted towards Chu Kuangren with menace!

However, with the Sword of the Heavens in his hands, the Green Lotus Sword Qi at his feet, the Nine Heaven Sword Prison surrounding his body, Chu Kuangren was unmoving as he faced Elder Ouyang's questioning.

"It was just one slash!"

Chu Kuangren's reasoning was obvious.

He only let out a single slash.

One could only blame Gu Changge's weakness for not being able to block that single sword slash.


Elder Ouyang was so gripped with rage that he was stumped at finding words to refute.

Was his Highness that weak?

If that were the case, then he would not have been able to consecutively defeat the Six Great Sage Orthodoxies. On the contrary, he was strong, as there were not many among his peers that could match his strength.

Then why was he defeated so badly?

It was because Chu Kuangren was that strong!

Supreme Daoist Physiques, Golden Jade Body, Sale Ruler Techniques, Sacred Weapons… having any of these were enough to strike fear in the hearts of anyone. 

However, all of these abilities and techniques were possessed by a single person.

How terrible could this get?

The more elder Ouyang thought about it, the more concerned he got. Glaring at Chu Kuangren's grim-looking eyes, swirls of Ouyang's Poise dashed towards him and his three great Daoist Physique transformations, yet he barely moved an inch!

He took the full blow of the Supreme Poise with those three great Daoist Physiques!

Just when Elder Ouyang was about to increase the power of his Supreme Poise to further gauge Chu Kuangren's limit, an equally terrifying force suddenly erupted from somewhere else.

It was from the Honorable Xuan Qi, glaring menacingly at him and said, "Are you looking for death, Elder Ouyang?"

Purple swirls of Sword Qi surrounded Honorable Xuan Qi's body.

Every swirl contained enough power to tear mountains and rivers apart.

The Honorable Teacher's Supreme Poise instantly sealed the area around them.

Elder Ouyang trembled. There was no question that he was in the Honorable Realm as well, yet was far weaker compared to the Honorable Xuan Qi, who was in charge of a whole orthodoxy. If his opponent wished, he could take him out in a single attack!

"I apologize for acting out as such."

Elder Ouyang took a deep breath and retracted his momentum.

He had no choice but to heed and respect others when he was in their domain!

"Hmmph." Honorable Xuan Qi acknowledged his apology. 

Elder Ouyang looked towards Gu Changge, the Royal Azure's crown prince, who was now laying on the ground in such disgrace, murmuring at Chu Kuangren, "Impossible, this is impossible…"

This obviously meant that the Heart of Invincibility was completely broken!

These events might even lead to an unstable Daoist's core within Gu Changge, which could develop into a Heart Demon!

This Heart Demon would, undoubtedly, be Chu Kuangren! 

In other words, Gu Changge might develop psychological trauma from that defeat.

"This is the so-called Heart of Invincibility? It can't be, it's too fragile and weak. I guess the wielder's mental strength is just not good enough." Chu Kuangren shook his head while looking over at Gu Changge. 

The onlooking disciples in the crowd could not hold back their grin upon witnessing the Crown Prince's defeat.

"Elder senior brother… Really wasn't afraid!"

"Yeah, I thought the Elder Senior Brother was putting on a tough act as well. I never expected that he actually hadn't taken Gu Changge seriously at all."

"Gu Changge really wasn't intimidating then, and it was also just a matter of a single slash as well. Haha, that's awesome!"

"With Elder Senior Brother around, every sky-pride in the world would be humbled by disgrace!"

The chattering started to build up, and every word entered Gu Changge's ears.

The more he heard the more enraged he got, but after seeing Chu Kuangren he felt a sense of inferiority grow within him. The two feelings clashed and gathered in his chest, like a mountain that weighed upon him, crushing him underneath and leaving him gasping for air.

Eventually, Gu Changge his injuries overwhelmed him and blood spewed from his mouth. His vision darkened and his head lowered into a tilt, fully blacking out.

"Did he become unconscious already?" Chu Kuangren blinked as he could not believe his eyes, and realizing that Gu Changge's mental strength really was quite weak.

Passing out due to words alone, unbelievable.

Elder Ouyang was shocked and quickly grabbed hold of the crown prince in his arms, constantly transferring spiritual power into his body to reduce the impact from the opponent's damage.

Soon after, his figure turned into a stream of light and dashed outwards the mountain exit.

"Not even a single word huh, how rude of them."

Chu Kuangren's lips curled.

He calmingly retracted the physique transformations. The boundless Sword Daoist Rhymes dispersed into the air, and in its place came the misty Banished Immortal Aura. 

The disciples stared at Chu Kuangren attentively, their hearts beating like crazy. Countless gazes of admiration were laid upon him.

Noticing all eyes on him, Chu Kuangren gently smiled, maintaining the friendly, humble, and polite demeanor of an Elder Senior Brother.

That smile he let out captivated the souls of many.

"My god, Elder Senior Brother's smile is just too perfect."

"That smile is illegal, I'm dying over here."

"Meeting you in this life, if you won't propose to me, then I won't be married to anyone. "

Chu Kuangren came to the Honorable Xuan Qi and a few others and said, "Your disciple has carried out the given task, Gu Changge has been defeated."

"Very well, very well, good…" Praised the Honorable Teacher who was impressed and satisfied as he looked upon Chu Kuangren.

"After this battle, your name shall be well known among the Azure Dragon Domain, but that also means you have picked up a grudge against the Royal Crown Prince as well." Elder Ruyan told him.

Chu Kuangren laughed confidently. "Undoubtedly so, if I can already defeat him the first time, then I can also do it the second and third. He will never be able to beat me."

"Hahaha, well said, my disciple!" Said the Honorable Xuan Qi. "That's the spirit that cultivators should possess! He's just a simple Azure Prince, nothing much you should be worried about.

"As long as that bunch of old farts doesn't interfere, matters concerning you young ones should be settled within yourselves.

"If they were to try anything funny, then they shall find out that my Black Heaven sect will not be easily harassed or bullied."

After saying those words, a cold gaze filled Honorable Xuan Qi's eyes, everyone in the crowd could feel a slight chill in the air, a drop in temperature.

However it was just in a short instant, and everyone knew that it would be unwise for the Royal Azure Dynasty to cause troubles for Chu Kuangren. Otherwise, they would realize that the rage of an Honorable Supreme One was not one that could be easily trifled with. 

"Oh yes, Kuangren, I want to ask you about something."

The Honorable Xuan Qi shifted his gaze towards Lan Yu, who was standing nearby. "Is this lady here your follower?"

"Yes, master."

"This lady doesn't seem to be qualified from the looks of it, what's her origin?"

"Lan Yu possesses the Holy Radiant Physique!"

Chu Kuangren was straightforward with his reply.

Upon hearing this, everyone in the crowd gasped, some looking at Lan Yu in disbelief.

Another Supreme Daoist Physique!

Not only that, but she was also Chu Kuangren's follower as well!

Thinking of that, the crowd started to admire Chu Kuangren more. For a Supreme Daoist Physique wielder to be his personal follower, how many people had such a privilege?

However, Honorable Xuan Qi's expression was an imposing one. The sudden appearance of another Supreme Daoist Physique, could there be a hidden sign or trick within all of this?

"Please rest assured Honorable Teacher, Lan Yu here is definitely reliable."

Chu Kuangren said.

The Honorable Xuan Qi pondered a while and soon nodded. "Alright, just make sure to keep yourself in check."

If someone really were planning something in the shadows, sending another Supreme Daoist Physique wielder here as another pawn in the game would be going overboard.

Besides, Lan Yu was a member of the Winger Human tribe, and they definitely did not have anyone that possessed a Supreme Daoist Physique there. Where would they be willing to send someone so valuable?

"It seems to be due to Kuangren's own fate."

The Honorable Xuan Qi no longer thought about it soon after.