691 Trial of the Gods, Five Ways Divine Shadow Army Versus the God Worshipping Cult Cultivators

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chu Kuangren descended to the Nether Abyss Valley. His majestic Emperor's Might swept through the place, instantly tearing the entire Nether Abyss Valley apart. The gazes of the God Worshipping Cult's Emperors became extremely solemn.

"This kind of energy is nothing less than extraordinary!"

"A Half-Step Heavenly Imperial… It seems that we've underestimated him. If he masters the universal energy, I'm afraid he will immediately advance to the Heavenly Imperial Realm. We really have underestimated this person."

"Hmph! Either way, we must keep him here today to open the Great Underworld Formation!" the Underworld God Worshipper said with emphasis.

In an instant, black mist appeared everywhere in Nether Abyss Valley and turned into black chains. As they rose into the sky, crisscrossing in the void, a powerful imprisonment force formed.


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