1032 Thousand Illusory Steel, Dao Proclamation Descendant Self Sword, What Weapon Is This?

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"Congratulations, Host! You've won a God-tier item, Thousand Illusory Steel!"

In the academy, Chu Kuangren got up early in the morning to do his gacha roll.

"Thousand Illusory Steel? It sounds like some casting material."

Chu Kuangren tapped open the description of the item.

"Thousand Illusory Steel can be ever-changing. If cast into a weapon, it is malleable and has endless mysteries. Other than that, its toughness can be improved by either absorbing heavenly and earthly spiritual qi or being refined by cultivators…" 

Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up at that description, and he subconsciously put his hand on the Descendant Self Sword on his waist.

"It's time for your upgrade, Descendant Self Sword. The Thousand Illusory Steel came just in time." He grinned and withdrew the Thousand Illusory Steel from his inventory.


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