The White Divine Spirit Fruit, The Forbidden Barren Wasteland, To Each Of Their Own

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The White Divine Spiritual Fruit was one of the Ten Great Spirit Fruits.

There were not many in history that had taken that spirit fruit before. However, the most famous example was a normal sky-pride who immediately became top-notch after consuming it.

That person also became an Emperor within the next hundred years, which was why the White Spiritual Divine Fruit was so well-known among the cultivators.

Chu Kuangren looked curiously at the spirit fruit in his hand. Then, he opened his mouth and took a big bite from it.

With a crunch, the spirit fruit exploded in his mouth, and a sweet taste went down his throat.

'Hm, the taste is not bad. It's just like eating a pear.'

Chu Kuangren took a few more bites, devouring the greatly famed White Divine Spirit Fruit whole into his stomach. He even ate its core.

Strange energy soon erupted within his stomach and rapidly spread throughout his body.