792 The King Of Gods Awakens, Both Opponents’ Limits

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Spiritual powers gathered to form an army of spiritual weapons!

The spiritual weapons hovered above the Godly Mountain before it descended upon the region like pouring rain.

Boom, boom, boom…

The Godly Mountain shuddered violently under its attack, and many gods perished under its destructive forces. Their divine blood tainted the lands of the mountain.

The Venerable Gods grimaced in anger.

As much as they wanted to stop Chu Kuangren, they were powerless.


Chu Kuangren had killed close to half of the gods who resided in the Godly Mountain.

"Cang, stop right now!"

Unable to bear seeing his gods being slaughtered any longer, the Venerable Light God lashed out in anger as he charged towards Chu Kuangren.

"Judgment of Light!" He hurled his fist forward, unleashing boundless Daoist patterns into a blinding pillar of light!

"A futile attack."


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