Subduing Murong Xuan. Good, Call Me Senior Martial Brother

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Murong Xuan slowly stood up after the Human Mountain Stamp sent him flying.

Murong Xuan's face was pale. He looked battered and bruised with his hair trailing messily over his shoulders as he stared at Chu Kuangren nearby. The raging fury surging in his eyes looked like it could almost materialize and pour out of his eyes. He was so furious that even his face was twitching.

A Golden Core cultivator had actually beaten him, a grand Daoist at the Nascent Soul Realm, to the ground. He even did so in front of the other Daoists in the sky.

How was he going to maintain the dignity of a Daoist in front of other people in the future if he didn't make a comeback in today's match?

"Chu Kuangren, I underestimated you.

"You want me to go all out, eh? Alright, let me show you the disparity between a Golden Core and a Nascent Soul cultivator!"

Murong Xuan stopped suppressing his cultivation and summoned all of the spirit energy within the spirit ruins in his body. His spirit energy surged violently and poured out in torrents as they turned into flames and rose high into the air.

A blazing crimson sun rose to the sky as he used the Daoist Physique Transformation again.

That was not all, the flaming spirit energy turned into four blazing golden suns afterward.

It was the anomaly of five suns appearing in the same sky!

Unparalleled pressure enveloped the sky and earth in this area. The surface of the earth cracked under the scorching heat and the moisture in the air rapidly eroded away.

The land across a 1000-foot radius resembled a scorching hell on earth!

One was because of the anomaly unique to his Daoist Physique whereas the other was the anomaly arising from the Divine Nine Suns Art he cultivated. With the two great anomalies supporting each other and Murong Xuan's perfect Nascent Soul cultivation on top of that, it made his aura frightening beyond comparison.

Inexhaustible flames revolved around Murong Xuan and he looked just like a deity who had the sun in his grasp with how the flames reflected off on his face.

Chu Kuangren, who had ascended to the Golden Core Realm not too long ago, felt the pressure as he faced Murong Xuan, who had released all of his firepower. No matter what, the disparity in realms between both parties was too great.

One had just stepped into the Golden Core Realm whereas the other was a perfect Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Regardless of who was watching this, this was a battle that was already decided.

"I might not be able to block this person's attack using the Human Mountain Stamp, but aside from those techniques, I still have… The Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart!!!"

Chu Kuangren's eyes were taking in and spitting out purple sword light and he took one step forward. There was a brilliant glow roaming around his body and large Daoist runes revolved around him. The swords all around made buzzing and humming noises as an inexhaustible amount of sword qi converged toward Chu Kuangren.

The illusion of a lightweight purple divine sword slowly rose from Chu Kuangren's body and hovered above his head.

The purple divine sword was 90 feet long and many mysterious runes were shuttling back and forth in between the nine small holes on its blade.

For a moment, the entire Sword Mountain trembled before him.

Countless swords were buzzing incessantly.

"Sword of The Heavens!!!" Chu Kuangren said in an effortless manner.

The Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart was equipped with three great transformations.

The Sword of The Heavens was one of them.

At this moment, he had a feeling that he could use all of the swords on Sword Mountain as long as he wanted to!

All the long swords stuck on the mountain, including the sacred swords, immediately flew to him when he thought about it and revolved around the Sword of The Heavens.

Limitless sword pressure enveloped the sky and earth.

Chu Kuangren did not even need to make a move under this pressure. Only a movement in his mind was needed to burst the five blazing suns above Murong Xuan's head!

Not only that, Murong Xuan could not bear the boundless pressure on his body for even a second. He was lying on his stomach the instant the pressure wave touched him!


"This is impossible!!!"

Murong Xuan's pupils abruptly contracted and there was a look of utter disbelief on his face!

He cultivated a Sage Technique, had a Daoist Physique Transformation, and was a cultivator at the perfect Nascent Soul Realm, yet Chu Kuangren suppressed him as swiftly as it took one to think!

On top of that, Chu Kuangren was merely a Golden Core cultivator!

Was a Supreme Daoist Physique really so terrifying?

Murong Xuan was not the only one.

A hint of fear rose in the hearts of the other Daoists in the sky!

Chu Kuangren's combat abilities were at this level when he was just a mere Golden Core cultivator, how frightening was his Daoist Physique Transformation going to be when he advanced to the Nascent Soul and Paradise Realm in the future?

In the distance.

A few Elders of Black Heaven Sect were taking in the whole scene happening on Sword Mountain.

"A Supreme Daoist Physique really is terrifying!"

"But isn't this a little ridiculous? Murong Xuan is a perfect Nascent Soul cultivator and uses Sage Techniques on top of that. How could he lose so tragically?"

"It's not." The old man with the white eyebrows smiled and said, "Why don't you guys take a look at where that place is? It's Sword Mountain, that is the realm of the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart. It is rather easy for him to condense the sword intent of the countless swords on Sword Mountain to suppress a cultivator at the perfect Nascent Soul realm."

The other Elders suddenly understood and one of them said, "That is also true. This Chu Kuangren's cultivation is still shallow, so the power of his transformation is still far from being perfect. Once his cultivation is slightly higher, he can suppress a cultivator at the Honorable Realm if they were to fight on Sword Mountain, much less one at the Nascent Soul Realm!"

"Not bad, not bad. This is the terror of a Supreme Daoist Physique."

"My Black Heaven Sect can strive for the imperial throne in this era with this person!"

"But should we stop Chu Kuangren?"

At this moment, an Elder who was slightly worried asked, "He's young and impetuous after all. What should we do if he kills Murong Xuan?"

In any case, Murong Xuan was a Daoist as well.

He was one of the best prodigies in Black Heaven Sect.

The old man with the white eyebrows muttered irresolutely to himself for a moment. "Let's wait and see."

On Sword Mountain.

The Sword of The Heavens was on top of Chu Kuangren's head and a vortex of sword qi was swirling around him. He was just like a supreme sword deity backed with support from the immense sword intent surrounding him. 

He slowly walked toward Murong Xuan and stood with his hands behind his back. He looked down at the other party and apathetically said, "Do you accept your loss?"

"I do not!!!

"You pressured me with the help of Sword Mountain's sword intent, how can I be satisfied!?" said Murong Xuan through gritted teeth.

Chu Kuangren simply found it amusing. "You confronted me, a Golden Core cultivator, as a perfect Nascent Soul cultivator yet you're shameless enough to claim I used the sword intent of Sword Mountain to help me? Then tell me, why am I able to do so?"

"Rubbish, isn't it because you have a Supreme Daoist Physique?!"

"Then that's enough. I have a Daoist Physique so being able to draw support from the Sword Mountain's sword intent is a skill of mine too. Now let me ask you again, do you accept your loss?"

The ground Murong Xuan was kneeling on violently caved in. He felt as though a massive mountain was pressing down on him and it was difficult for him to even move his finger.

"Do you have the guts to kill me?"

"Oh, just try me."

The pressuring might of sword intent intensified.

The bones in Murong Xuan's body creaked as though they were about to shatter.

"I have a Supreme Daoist Physique and am the disciple of the Sect Master. Believe it or not, all I'll get is a slap on the wrist and detention for a few days for killing you," Chu Kuangren said calmly. 

There were only a few cases of Supreme Daoist Physiques since time immemorial.

Even though the Crimson Sun Daoist Physique was precious, it couldn't compare to the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart at all. Thus, even if Chu Kuangren killed Murong Xuan, no one would do anything to him because Black Heaven Sect needed him to strive for the imperial throne!

Once he succeeded, Black Heaven Sect would have achieved unprecedented glory!

How could a measly Daoist compare to that?

Murong Xuan was not an idiot either. He knew that Chu Kuangren was speaking the truth so he quickly said, "I'm convinced, I admit defeat!!!"

"Are those merely words coming from your mouth?"

"No, I accept my loss wholeheartedly, I really do."

"Oh, then I want to hear you call me Senior Martial Brother," Chu Kuangren said in an amused tone.

Murong Xuan could not help but feel like he wanted to cry, but had no tears to do so.

What else could he do then?

He just had to do as the other party said.

"Senior Martial Brother, Murong Xuan pays his respects to Senior Martial Brother!"

"Good boy."

Chu Kuangren smiled softly and he dispelled the pressure of the sword intent with his mind. Murong Xuan felt his body lighten and he felt like he had just escaped death. His chest was heaving and sinking as he was gasping for breath on the ground.

After that, Chu Kuangren looked at the other Daoists in the sky and said with a smile, "If Younger Marital Brothers and Sisters up there are unsatisfied with me in any way, you can come down and we can swap pointers. This Senior Martial Brother will accompany you until the very end."

They looked at each other before they landed on Sword Mountain one after the other.

"You're joking, Senior Martial Brother. How can we be dissatisfied with you?"

"Rumour has it that Senior Martial Brother's elegance moves people. Seeing that today, you really deserve that reputation. This Younger Martial Brother admires you so much that I would prostrate myself in admiration."

"I won't hide it from Senior Martial Brother, Younger Martial Sister has actually admired you for a very long time."

The Daoists smiled and looked respectful.

What else could they do?

Did they not see how Murong Xuan was sprawled on the ground?