608 Reversing the Flame Ritual, Chu Kuangren Appears, The Man Himself Arrives

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Bai Tianxing cast his Holy Divine Fire Art and tried to siphon the divine fire inside Lan Yu's body quickly. However, he suddenly noticed that the divine fire, which was surging toward his body previously, had stopped flowing!

"Your scheme was almost perfect, but your biggest mistake was underestimating my Master. I reckon the Flame Ritual can't be stopped after it's initiated, isn't it?"

"Well... many thanks, then!"

Lan Yu said in a low voice.

The divine fire on Bai Tianxing's body began to switch directions and surge toward Lan Yu's direction against his will now, at a much faster speed than earlier.


"How is this possible?!"

Whitelock Holy Sovereign and the Holy Light Religion Leader looked aghast.

The Flam Ritual had been reversed!

"How can that happen?! This energy… It seems like her Holy Divine Fire Art has ascended to the ninth level!" the Religion Leader said with disbelief.


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