975 Perhaps It’s Just A False Rumor, Seeing Xue Qinxin Again

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"How are you doing? We're here to visit the manor." 

The young Immortal Progenies who wanted to leave overheard Chu Kuangren's words. They looked at him but had no idea who he was as his face was covered with a layer of spiritual veil.

However, it did not stop their eagerness to know what would happen next.

"We can't get into the manor, let alone him."

"Daoist Brother, it's better for you to look for another inn."

They uttered without much malice.

While smiling helplessly, the manor disciple said, "Brother, I'm sorry. Guest rooms in our manor are all being occupied."

Chu Kuangren took out the jade talisman Xue Qinxin gave him, then said, "Brother, we are Miss Xue's friends."

The manor disciple was stunned for a moment upon seeing the jade talisman. He took it over and pondered for a while, then his expression changed slightly.

"It's indeed young lady's jade talisman. Please come with me," uttered the manor disciple.


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