Let Them Bloom and Sprout, For I Alone Shall Stand Out

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After Gu Changge's defeat, Chu Kuangren suddenly requested permission from Honorable Xuan Qi to venture out of the sect for his training. After all, in such a great environment with flowing rivers and gigantic mountains, it would be a waste if he were to stay within the Black Heaven sect all the time, that would be boring indeed.

Besides that, he was also cultivating his Nascent Soul level abilities to add a few tricks up his sleeve. As he was now able to protect himself, it was time he went out for an adventure.

"A flower kept within the warmth of a greenhouse will never stand to bear the harshness of the storms outside. Kuangren, it's not that I forbid you to train yourself outside, but I'll need you to wait another two days within the Black Heaven sect, as I'll assign you a personal bodyguard." The Honorable Xuan Qi said.

For a Sky-Pride of an orthodoxy setting out on a journey, a personal protector will usually be assigned to them to ensure their safety. 

Especially so for a Sky-Pride like Chu Kuangren, further consideration had to be taken.

"Alright." Chu Kuangren nodded slightly.

Even he was curious as to who would be assigned to him as a bodyguard.

Black Heaven Sect, behind the Mountain.

A few thatched houses laid within the lush green bamboo forest.

Not many, even within Black Heaven Sect, knew of these houses, yet within them lay the strongest foundation and the backbone of the whole Sect! 

Something creaked.

One of the doors of the thatched houses opened.

Out came an elderly man in a white robe.

"Seventh Forefather, are you sure about doing this?"

An elderly voice can be heard from one of the other thatched houses.

The white-robed elder gently smiled. "At this age, I'm like a candle in the wind, and my days are numbered, so I'm going on a trip to the Earthly realm while I still have some use left."

"If you were to stay back and recuperate, you'll live for another few hundred years at least. Yet if you are in the Earthly realm, you might meet a strong foe and exhaust your spiritual power. If that happens I fear you might not last even the next few years." The voice in the thatched house warned.

"Yes, I'm well aware of that. But the young one's disciple truly is a remarkable one. I wish to protect him by walking in the Earthly realm once more."

The Seventh Forefather replied with a smile.

A silence fell on the other thatched houses.

After a while, a voice came from one of the houses, "If that's the case, then so be it. Go then, and complete your final journey."

"Thank you, Second Forefather for granting this request."

The Seventh Forefather gently cupped the palm of his hands, turned around, and proceeded to walk towards the exit of the bamboo forest.

A gentle breeze blew, and bamboo leaves whistled. On that day, a Supreme elder re-entered the Earthly Realm for the sake of his future disciple.

Black Heaven Sect, at the Mountain Gate. 

A crowd of disciples had gathered there, they were looking at the figure at the gate who was wearing a white robe with a look of reluctance.

The figure was Elder Senior Brother Chu Kuangren.

Today was the day he finally set out to undergo more training.

"Oh dear, Elder Senior Brother is about to leave. I'm going to miss him so much!"

"Who wouldn't, the moment I think of not being able to see Elder Senior Brother for a long time, I've completely lost the motivation to continue my cultivation."

"Elder Senior Brother, take care!"

"The mountain path is filled with harsh perils, do be careful Elder Senior Brother."

"My lord, please take extra care of yourself out there. Make sure to not starve yourself and stay away from the cold." Said Lil Bing to her master, tears flowing down her eyes.

Chu Kuangren patted her head, and with a  gentle smile said, "Take good care of the Towering Heaven Palace for me will you? Also, remember to stay on track with your cultivation Lil Bing, I shall return soon."

"Yes, I will do my best."

Lil Bing nodded confidently.

If her master had been working so hard, it was all the more reason for her to not slack off.

Chu Kuangren turned towards the Honorable Xuan Qi.

Honorable Xuan Qi felt a sense of sadness and reluctance, but even he knew that eventually the younglings would have to leave their nests, and learn to fly and live on their own.

"Kuangren, the outside is different from our Black Heaven Sect. Although your talents are peerless, you'll need to beware of the sinister hearts of men and be cautious at all times.

"Think twice before you act." The Honorable Xuan Qi reminded.

"Rest assured Honorable Teacher, I understand."

Chu Kuangren gently nodded.

"Kuangren, the situation in the world now is in quite some chaos, which has revealed the true nature of conflict and war. There now exists various Orthodoxies and even more kinds of Sky-Prides everywhere, popping out like mushrooms after a rain. When you're out there, make sure to always stay vigilant."

"Although safety is your main priority, take care not to weaken the image of our Black Heaven Sect. Do remember, you are the Elder Senior Brother of the Black Heaven Sect. The Black Heaven Sect will forever have your back." Said Elder Ruyan in a heavy reminding tone.

Chu Kuangren listened attentively, nodded, and laughed confidently. "Don't worry Elder, before I descend, those mushrooms can pop up wherever they want, be it flowers or weeds or even trees like the wonders of nature. But once I see them, I will dominate and defeat them all, and be the only flower left standing!"

Upon hearing this, the Honorable Xuan Qi and the other elders were slightly taken aback and fell into bouts of laughter, looking at Chu Kuangren admirably.

The crowds of disciples were also inspired by his words, some were even swept away like a maiden while everyone cheered him on.

"Well said Elder Senior Brother!"

"We should not hold Elder Senior Brother back, his journey today outwards is to seek glory for our Black Heaven Sect, to let the whole world know about us!"

All the disciples looked at Chu Kuangren with even more delight and appreciation.

Chu Kuangren himself cupped his hands towards the crowd, saluted, turned his back, and left. Lan Yu followed behind right after, walking down the mountain.

The two Supreme Daoist Physique wielders had officially gone out into the world.

It had been three days since Chu Kuangren defeated Gu Changge.

However, before Chu Kuangren descended into the world, word of him had already spread far and wide. After all, being able to defeat the Azure Dynasty's crown prince was not a small feat anyone could accomplish.

Not to mention he wielded a Supreme Daoist Physique.

For some time, every region within the Azure Dragon domain was shaken by the news.

"Gu Changge lost!"

"Gu Changge was finally defeated, he lost to the newcomer of the Black Heaven Sect Chu Kuangren. And he suffered a crushing defeat as well, being taken down by only a single slash of the sword!"

"What? This Chu Kuangren guy is that strong?"

"When did such a Supreme Sky-pride exist within the Black Heaven Sect?"

"Gu Changge's strength defeated the Six Great Sage Orthodoxies, and he even had the Poise of Invincibility before heading to the Black Heaven Sect. How could Chu Kuangren defeat him in a single slash? If this is true, then this Chu Kuangren can really declare himself a Young Emperor then!"

"Go investigate! Find out everything about this Chu Kuangren's origins!"

"Gu Changge, the high and mighty one who defeated the Six Great Sage Orthodoxies. Despite how amazing that is, he was still defeated in the end by someone else. Now that I think of it his Heart of Invincibility must be destroyed then, another obstacle gone on the Road to Emperor's Realm."

Word of Gu Changge's defeat spread throughout all four corners of Firmament Star.

There were also people who had been digging up Information about Chu Kuangren. 

About that, his Supreme Daoist Physique, three Great Supreme Foundation Levels, self-created Sage Ruler technique stood out among his other characteristics. Those very facts paralyzed the many cultivators from various orthodoxies with fear.

"My god, is this guy a monster?"

"How could this be? Are the facts exaggerated?"

"Sheesh, these are only rumors. I don't believe there exists a beast like him in the world. These facts must be made up."

"Such heavenly form, that guy is at the level of a Young Emperor!"

There were those that believed, and there were those that doubted.

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren had become a hot topic among every great Orthodoxy. They were even people who rated him at the Young Emperor level!

What did that mean?

Well, Young Emperor was one who was destined to reach the Emperor level!

Among the nicknames that Supreme Sky-prides possess, the moniker of the Young Emperor only deserves to be given to the star that shined the brightest in the entirety of Firmament Star.

Even Gu Changge did not possess the aptitude to receive this epithet.

Though, Chu Kuangren's fame would be fleeting as his victories were too little to make a good comparison. The nickname of Young Emperor was only thrown around without much weight and was gone not a while after.

Following this, the narrative of Chu Kuangren began to branch out.

Chu Kuangren had descended into the world! Not only that, he even issued a challenge to every Sky-pride in the world, seeking to reach the peak of dominance across the land!

As soon as the news came out, it shook the world.

Every great Orthodoxy and their numerous Sky-prides had an even more intense reaction. Most of them were angered by that very statement and sought to battle him. There were also those that sneered at Chu Kuangren, mocking the guy for overestimating himself.