Let Loose the Great Sky-prides, to Honorable Yuan Ling’s Treasure Site

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"Haha, let them bloom and sprout, for I alone shall stand out!"

"Splendid, Chu Kuangren! Remarkable indeed! I'll see whether your strength can keep up with this madness for long!"

Laughed a purple-robed, stone-faced young man within the Sage Orthodox in Zhiyang Valley, while gazing at the rising sun.

Within another Sage Orthodoxy, the White Lotus School, a beautiful lady with bells around her ankles was sitting by the pond. Her jade white feet were kicking up waves as they swayed lightly.

"Bloom and sprout, for I alone shall stand out?"

"Is the Elder Senior Brother of the Black Heaven sect that formidable, or is he simply just good with words? Describing everything and everyone under the sky, like plants in a garden, is he really that skilled, or is he another over-ambitious kind that'll end up dead right after?"

"The guy better be not another Gu Changge."

The Daoists of the Great Sage Orthodoxies were agitated.

Some even reacted negatively upon hearing the news.

"I'm Yuanhong from the Dharma Sect.

"Since the Black Heaven Sect's Elder Senior Brother proclaimed that he will stand the tallest among us at the top, then I guess it's inevitable that we battle and challenge each other should our paths cross in the future."

Such was the reply of Yuanhong of the Dharma sect.

That response was already considered meek and tolerating.

Compared to this, the response of another Sage Orthodoxy, the Five Ways Sect was way worse. Word spread that upon hearing the news, Daoist Fangtian of the Five Ways Sect shattered a coral tree on the spot. 

"A guy who's been hiding for more than ten years within his sect, who's only a greenhorn fledgling dares speak out like this? Ridiculous!

"I pray that you shall never come across or stand in my way, for I'll show you the might of the Five Way's Sect! I'll make you eat those arrogant words myself!"

Besides the Five Way's Sect and Dharma Sect, even a few of the Royal Azure Dynasty's princes and princesses began to voice out.

"How dare you, Chu Kuangren, you not only injured our elder brother but now you would dare to challenge the whole world? Alright then, I'll fulfill your wish!"

The Royal Azure's Third Crown Prince spoke.

"Chu Kuangren, I shall never forget your act of hurting my elder brother. If you meet me in the future, don't blame me for ruthlessly returning the favor!"

Following this, Princess Lingleng the eldest Royal Azure Princess uttered.

"How bold of you Chu Kuangren!"

"The rumors are true, he's declaring a challenge to the whole world upon descending. That guy's crazy enough alright, hope he can live for at least a few days after this."

"The tree that outgrows its forest will always be broken down by the wind."

"Revealing the edge of a blade so early will only lead to setbacks soon after. The guy thinks he's invincible after defeating Gu Changge, what a joke."

"That guy is only another Gu Changge obviously."

For some time, Chu Kuangren has become a target of scrutiny for all the Sky-prides around the world. It did not matter whether the critics themselves were powerful, everyone had something to say about him, as if they themselves could look mightier doing that.

During that time, the man of the hour, Chu Kuangren, alongside Lan Yu, were just leaving the Black Heaven Sect. They were heading south.

He seemed to have a clear goal in his mind.

"Master, where are we going now?"

Lan Yu was curious and asked.

"On a treasure hunt of course."

Chu Kuangren gently smiled while waving the piece of drawing in his hand. 

Back then during the 10 Consecutive Lucky Draws, Chu Kuangren rolled a Starlight Grade treasure map. He decided to venture out in training to find said treasure.

Coincidently, it was hidden within the Azure Dragon domain.

"According to the map here, the treasure we're seeking is buried somewhere within the mountains nearby the White Cloud City of the Azure Dragon domain." Murmured Chu Kuangren.

Besides the treasure, he was curious about something else, which was the lord of White Cloud City.

Legend had it that Ye Wuhen of the White Cloud City was a top-notch Honorable class swordsman. Alongside Kuangren's own Honorable Teacher, they were the two pinnacles of Sword Dao within the Azure Dragon Domain and were most notably known as the Azure Dragon's Dual Blades. 

He knew that Honorable Xuan Qi was an Honorable Supreme. Although he had never seen his teacher in action, using the Remarkable Eye of Revelation allowed Chu Kuangren to acquire some information about him. That man's combat strength was worlds beyond that of the other Honorables.

Since Ye Wuhen was as famous as his teacher, it meant that he was also in a class of his own as well.

Perhaps they ought to pay him a visit while heading to White Cloud City.

Two days later.

Chu Kuangren and Lan Yu arrived at the area that was marked on the map, but what laid before him was a desolate piece of mountainous land.

There was not even a blade of grass there, not to mention any treasure.

"Master, could we possibly be in the wrong place?"

"Nope, it's definitely here." Chu Kuangren confidently smiled and said, "It's written here on the map that there's a seal that was cast upon the lands here. The treasure we're seeking is hidden within the void. To make it reveal its form, we must hit it with a strong wave of Earth Qi."

"A wave of Earth Qi?"


Chu Kuangren grinned, and right after he faced the void and let out a slight huff. His Nascent Soul cultivation base emerged and began gathering Earth Qi from the surrounding area.

That was the Sage Ruler Technique, the Human Mountain Stamp!

Chu Kuangren held the Stamp with his arms as its mysterious Daoist Rhymes spiraled and flowed. The mountains and rivers around them rumbled, and the gathered Earth Qi transformed into a giant majestic mountain.

The majestic mountain clashed with the void as if ramming into a piece of an invisible wall. A loud impact was heard and tremendous amounts of Earth Qi swirled violently everywhere, clashing whatever it hit.

A shining burst of light suddenly rose into the sky!

Following that, a giant pair of golden gates appeared from within the void. Carvings of mountain ravines, strange beasts, and celestial bodies could be seen on the gate.

Above the gates, a set of words made from mysterious Daoist Rhymes could be seen levitating and moving in a trance, and what was written was… Yuan Ling!

Even from far away, the tremor could be felt by some experienced Daoists.

"What's that? A large gate?"

"Such powerful waves of energy, such dense Daoist Rhymes. Is it possible that some treasure has appeared? Let's go and find out, hurry!"

"What a great opportunity! It shall be mine!"

"Yuan Ling… My god, could it be from the one that's from twenty thousand years ago? The one whose name is known to all in the world, the strongest Sage in history, Honorable Yuan Ling!"

"Honorable Yuan Ling met his fall twenty thousand years ago trying to ascend to the Sage Manifestation Realm. Word has it that before he died, he had the collection of treasures that he gathered throughout his life hidden somewhere. Could this be that this is the location of Honorable Yuan Ling's buried treasure?"

"Rumor has it that the Entwined Sage's Fate is one of Honorable Yuan Ling treasures! If one manages to find it … They'll be able to become a sage! Let's go, hurry! "

In an instant, countless experienced Daoists noticed that strange occurrence.

Unsurprisingly, it had sent many people into a craze!

The treasures of an Honorable Supreme was enough to startle them, causing countless Daoist cultivators to head over to that location in droves. Not to mention the Entwined Sage's Fate among the treasures!

After all, there were only a few sages on the surface of the Firmament Star.

This was insanity.

Everyone was hurrying towards the location of the large golden gate, a maddening sight.

Chu Kuangren witnessed the sight before him and was bewildered.

G*d d*mn it!

He only wished to go on a treasure hunt properly, then leaving after grabbing the riches within. However, now that he created such a ruckus and attracted such a large crowd towards him, how was he going to secretly get rich?

The Seventh Forefather who was protecting him in secret was so shocked that he almost bit off his tongue.

The few days before when he kept seeing Chu Kuangren blindly wandering about with the treasure map, he did not care much about it.

It was a treasure map after all, and there were many riddles of similar type. Some weird experienced Daoist would always like to leave riddles for someone to solve, and he has had his fair share of that during his youth.

However, who would have thought that it would be Honorable Yuan Ling's treasure map!

The Seventh Forefather was dumbfounded.

Having heard that after entering the Black Heaven Sect, not for long, Chu Kuangren had repeatedly caused trouble everywhere. Who would have figured that this guy would cause such a ruckus not even a few days after venturing out for training?

The hidden treasure of Honorable Yuan Ling, that must have attracted many experienced Daoists!

"Maybe I should stay back in retirement at the mountain after all." The Seventh Forefather forced a smile helplessly.