Lead Disciple, Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art

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Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, Supreme Daoist Physique!

The utterance of these words was like bombs falling onto the crowd of people. It set off a huge commotion and a group of Elders ran up to Chu Kuangren one after the other.

"It really is the Exquisit Nine Orifices Sword Heart, this really is splendid."

"The heavens really are protecting my Black Heaven Sect!"

"Black Heaven Sect can fight for the imperial throne in this era with this Supreme Daoist Physique!"

"Out of 3,000 physiques, the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart is ranked in the top ten. It's a supreme physique for the cultivation of swordsmanship, and what's more, my Black Heaven Sect is established in this world for its cultivation of swordsmanship! Hahaha, what is this if not the will of the heavens?!"

"Even though this boy is from the outer sect, we need to nurture him vigorously since a Supreme Daoist Physique has awakened in him now. Why don't we make him a True Disciple?"

"How is True Disciple enough? We must bestow the title of Daoist upon him!"

"There is going to be one more Daoist amongst the nine great Daoists in my Black Heaven Sect."

At this moment, the Sword Mountain located in the distance suddenly rumbled.

The swords hovering in the sky flew back one by one as though they were being summoned.

On the other hand, those few sacred weapons were reluctant to part with Chu Kuangren as they spun around beside him. However, they still flew back in the direction of Sword Mountain in the end. 

Chu Kuangren was stunned for a moment.

'Hey, don't go!

'One of you should stay at the very least, right?

'You came willy-nilly and you're leaving as you please, are you guys toying with me?

'You guys were even behaving as though you wouldn't acknowledge anyone else but me just now, now you're gone.

'Humph, sword scum.

"The Sect Master prompted the Sword Mountain and retrieved the swords," said the old man with white hair.

"Bring the boy to see me." A magnetic middle-aged voice that was deep and low could be heard coming from a distance.

The old man with white eyebrows smiled at Chu Kuangren and said, "Follow me."

"Yes, Elder."

The old man with white eyebrows flicked his sleeves. An invisible power enveloped Chu Kuangren's body and he actually rose high up into the air involuntarily.

Several Elders took Chu Kuangren and turned into a stream of light before shooting into the distance. Soon, they arrived at a sumptuous main hall.

A middle-aged man dressed in white robes stood in this large hall.

The young man had a pure and handsome face with graying hair on both sides of his temples. He exuded a kind of immortal elegance paired with the spirit of a Daoist cultivator. This person was the present Sect Master of Black Heaven Sect… Honorable Xuan Qi.

"We pay our respects to the Sect Master."

A few Elders went up to him and bowed at him.

Honorable Xuan Qi nodded slightly before his gaze fell on Chu Kuangren. He sized the other party up with a strange look in his eyes.

"As expected, a Supreme Daoist Physique really moves one with its elegance."

"You're flattering me, Sect Master."

"Heh, you don't need to be modest. I want to take you in as my disciple, so you'll be the Lead Disciple of Black Heaven Sect from now on. I wonder whether you'd be willing to."

Not only was Chu Kuangren somewhat shocked when he heard this, but the rest of the disciples were gobsmacked too. They never thought that the Sect Master would place such great importance on Chu Kuangren.

He was actually granting him the position of Lead Disciple immediately.

However, on second thought there was nothing out of the ordinary.

This was the first time in the history of the Black Heaven Sect where a Supreme Daoist Physique had appeared.

"My utmost respect to you, my master."

Chu Kuangren immediately bowed down to him.

He had no reason to refuse because he initially thought that it was pretty good if he could pass for a Daoist. He never thought that Honorable Xuan Qi would be so generous and make him everyone's Eldest Martial Brother right away, so he shouldn't refuse such a fine thing.

"Good! Good!"

Honorable Xuan Qi laughed elatedly.

By taking in a Supreme Daoist Physique as his disciple, he would share in the honor as well when Chu Kuangren grew up in the future. If Chu Kuangren became the Heavenly Emperor, he would be the Emperor's Teacher. How many people have had such an honor since ancient times?

"You will follow me and cultivate with me from tomorrow onwards."

"Yes, master."

After becoming Honorable Xuan Qi's disciple, the treatment of Chu Kuangren's social status practically jumped by leaps and bounds. He immediately moved from a small courtyard to a vast Daoist palace and he even had a few personal maids waiting on him.

The next day.

Chu Kuangren woke up on the huge bed in his room. He opened his eyes and surveyed his surroundings. "I wasn't dreaming, it looks like I really transmigrated."

He got up and summoned the Fantasy Roulette in his heart.

"Begin today's raffle."

Bright rays of light spun in his field of vision and an enormous roulette appeared.

At this moment, someone knocked at the door.

"Come in," Chu Kuangren said in a dull tone.

A young lady with a graceful physique, red lips, and white teeth walked in carrying a basin of water. "Young Master, it's time to wash up."

The young lady glanced at Chu Kuangren with a slightly reddened face. She was also an outer sect disciple in Black Heaven Sect and was chosen to wait on Chu Kuangren yesterday.

She did not mind it in the slightest, though.

After all, things were very different for Chu Kuangren now. He was a disciple directly under the Sect Master's guidance and the Lead Disciple of Black Heaven Sect. His position was even above that of a Daoist.

To her, following Chu Kuangren was no different from reaching the heavens in a single bound.

'What's more, this Young Master Chu is so handsome." The young lady secretly thought to herself.

"What is your name?" asked Chu Kuangren.

"I am Liu Bing."

"Liu Bing… then I'll call you Lil Bing from now on."

"If the Young Master so wishes."

Chu Kuangren could confirm that Little Bing didn't see the Fantasy Roulette because it seemed like no one else could see it but him.

He said the word "draw" within himself and the roulette started spinning.

"Congratulations, the host has obtained the Iron grade Spirit Gathering Pill." 

Spirit Gathering Pill?

An Iron grade one at that too?

The corner of Chu Kuangren's lips twitched twice.

Compared to the ten consecutive lucky draws yesterday, this Spirit Gathering Pill was simply nothing to shout about because his current self could get as many of them as he wanted.

Forget it, this was an inherent issue of chance anyway.

Chu Kuangren placed the Spirit Gathering Pill in the roulette room and didn't bother with it for the time being. He washed his face and put on an entirely new set of clothes.

"Young Master looks really good in this set of clothes."

Little Bing couldn't help but have a look of admiration on her face as she looked at Chu Kuangren.

He wore a jade cap on his head and was donned in a set of long, wide-sleeved white robes with golden embroidery on it in the image of a qilin1.

Adding that refined aura on top of all that, Chu Kuangren was currently no different than a banished immortal. Little Bing couldn't find any words to describe him.

"It's okay." Chu Kuangren smiled in satisfaction.

After he tidied up his appearance, Chu Kuangren went to look for Honorable Xuan Qi.

Black Heaven Sect, Longevity Hall.

Honorable Xuan Qi was sitting on a praying mat.

Chu Kuangren arrived and gave a small bow, "Greetings, master."

"Ah, you've come. Sit."

Honorable Xuan Qi pointed at the praying mat beside him and taught Chu Kuangren what to do. After which, he said, "Kuangren, you were an outer sect disciple before so you could only learn the basic techniques in Black Heaven Sect. You now have the honor of being the Lead Disciple so you already have the right to learn Sage Techniques. My Black Heaven Sect has Three Great Sage Techniques...

You can cultivate tyrannical sword qi beyond compare with the Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art.

Once you've successfully cultivated the Golden Time Immemorial Light Art, you will have an endless flow of spirit energy. What's more, there will be a golden light protecting your body and no attack can destroy it. This technique is an offensive and defensive one.

There is also the Divine Nine Suns Art which will strengthen your spirit energy, making it ferocious and tyrannical. Once you've cultivated it to perfection, you can create a vision of there being nine suns in the same sky and draw on the power of the sun.

I wonder which type you want to learn out of these three?"

"I want to learn the Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art."

Chu Kuangren chose his target almost without any hesitation at all.

He had the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart which was an incomparable gift along the path of swordsmanship cultivation. There was no need for him to reject what was near and to seek what was far away by learning other techniques.

Among the three great Sage Techniques, the Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art was the most suitable one for him.

"Yes, your choice is as expected."

Honorable Xuan Qi nodded and retrieved a jade scroll after that before handing it to Chu Kuangren. "The Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art is recorded within this. The amount you can comprehend all depends on your fortune. If you encounter anything you don't understand in the process of cultivation, don't hesitate to come and find me."

"Yes, Master." Chu Kuangren took the jade scroll offered to him.