972 Immortal Blazing Day Attacks With All His Strength, Three-Headed Six-Arms Resentful Buddha, Defying Heaven To Kill An Immortal

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Outside Immortal Ascension Pool, Sword Crown was fighting for Immortals alone!

On the other hand, Chu Kuangren could compete with the Immortals with his Immortal Progeny's body and even suppressed his opponents to a certain extent.

All Immortal Progenies felt incredible upon seeing such a situation.

Although an Immortal Progeny and Immortal were one word different, both of them were worlds apart!

They had never heard of anyone that could cross the barrier and compete with Immortals. Even in the ancient complete Immortal World, not many could do this!

"Chu Kuangren, what a remarkable outlier!"

"If he's not dead, he'll definitely be Planquilon Immortal World's top-notched existence in the future. It's almost certain that he'll reach the level of Seven Crowns."

All Immortal Progenies were shocked and amazed.

The King Immortal Progenies' faces had turned ashen. They realized an unimaginable gap between them and Chu Kuangren.


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