Gazing at the Immortal, I am Human King Cang

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The gods had appeared.

Chu Kuangren 'looked' at the humans piling cattle and sheep in front of the statue of a god in the image, with a somewhat complicated expression.

Humans believed in gods and gained spiritual comfort from them. Meanwhile, the gods herded the humans, gaining the Power of Faith from them, and thus strengthening themselves.

Both sides depended on each other willingly. If the cultivators did not appear, this situation would probably continue forever.

However, the problem was that the gods thought they could control everything.

They underestimated the human race's pursuit of free will.

Time passed.

Chu Kuangren saw the first human who was exposed to cultivation. After that, the number of cultivators slowly grew in the human race.

Long after that.

An Immortal in white clothes came to the Firmament.

He also came to the human race.