797 Fighting the Draconic Beast With Bare Hands, Do You Think I’d Be So Shameless To Do Everything as You Say?

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"What do you think you're doing with my body?"

A solemn voice suddenly resounded throughout the whole Arcane Aqua Palace.

Then, a ray of light appeared.

Still covered in a mess from the Divine Eightfold Fire Cauldron's explosion, the crowd quickly turned and looked when they heard the voice.

"Who is it?"

"His body… What's going on?"

Everyone immediately looked at it.

A young man sitting on a lotus flower suddenly appeared in the void. He was holding his chin as he gazed upon the crowd below.

What shocked everyone the most was the fact that the young man's face was identical to the person lying inside the crystal coffin.

"W-What the hell?"

"Who is this man?"

Questions began to fill up everyone's mind.

Both the Holy Dragon Pavilion Leader and Arcane Aqua Sect Master glared at the young man, who had appeared out of nowhere, as though a great enemy had appeared. That man was, of course, Chu Kuangren.


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