Chu Kuangren, the Guqin Crown, and the others were gathered inside the Cloud Nine Insignia Manor, talking about Divine Dragon Island. “With the Dragon Bachelor’s death, I believe they won’t let this

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A warship was slowly cruising towards Hundred Academy.

Further away, several figures were chasing the warship in the void. They all had golden armors on and mantles with a three-legged golden crow icon on them.

They were the Golden Crow Guardians from the Honorable Yokai Hall.

"Chu Kuangren is on that ship?"

"Yes, if our information serves us right, he is on it. His Excellency wants him back."

"He has the Sword Crown by his side to protect him, and fortunately, we've asked that person to lend us a hand. We must not fail this mission."

The Golden Crow Guardians discussed their mission.

Soon, they arrived above the warship. They channeled and combined their Yokai qi and stopped the warship in mid-air.

A loud explosion sent the warship into trembles.

Xue Qinxin, Lan Yu, and the Sword Crown looked up to the Golden Crow Guardians. A slight surprise appeared in the Sword Crown's eyes. "Oh, the Golden Crow Guardians?"