1228 An Insect With A Hundred Legs Could Die But Would Not Perish, Yokai Concubine Daji's Inheritance

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"D*mn it!" 

The gold scorpion's face turned pale as the poisonous qi was shoved into his mouth.

This poisonous qi was the culmination of all Five Poisons' toxins. They, themselves, might be able to control it, but it was difficult for them to resist it because other than their respective toxin, it contained four more types of toxins. 

Not to mention, the poisonous qi that Chu Kuangren shoved into his mouth also contained the snake yokai's Fated Poison Blood.

Moments later, the gold scorpion screamed excruciatingly on the spot. The poison was already starting to break his body and the Daoist patterns on his Immortal Body. 

"This is ridiculous!" Wu Tian reacted with a grim expression, but he was also shaken by what was happening. 

If Chu Kuangren had complete immunity against poison, he would be the bane of the Five Poison. 

To Wu Tian, it was a terrifying fact.


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