8 Chapter 8: You Were Supposed to Enlighten Your Junior Sister, But You Married Her Instead?_1

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"Well, why doesn't Sister Xi'er just marry the groom too?" Su Xiaoyue delivered another brutal blow, causing Xi'er's heart to race.

Qin Changqing looked at her, thinking that if he married Xi'er, it would be like genuinely marrying a fairy.

Also, he and Xi'er had known each other for over twenty years.

With this thought, Qin Changqing became cheerful: "Junior Sister Xi'er, are you willing to become my Taoist couple?"

Xi'er shyly nodded her head. Of course, she was willing; otherwise, she wouldn't have come here every so often.

Receiving her answer, Qin Changqing laughed: "Alright, I'll go up the mountain to propose to the Master tomorrow!"

Early the next morning.

Xuanyi Peak, a disciple hurriedly arrived at Mo Jiuzhou's residence.

"Master! Master! Our eldest senior brother is getting married!"

Eldest senior brother getting married?

When Mo Jiuzhou first heard this, he didn't respond for a moment.

Whose eldest brother, who's that?

Ah, his own.

Mo Jiuzhou waved his hand nonchalantly: "So, he's getting married. Since he has already left the mountain, what's so strange about him getting married?"

After saying that, he felt something was wrong. After all, it was his own eldest disciple, so he said again, "When is it, and is it set? As a Master, I need to choose a gift to send. What should I send?"

The disciple hesitated for a moment: "Master, you want to give a gift?

"What? He's your elder brother, and even if I have no objections, wouldn't you all object?"

"The disciple dare not." The man hurriedly lowered his head, "Since you want to give a gift, perhaps it's better to give something like money, as he has been traveling in the mundane world."

Mo Jiuzhou thought it made sense. Qin Changqing had extorted quite a lot from him last time, so he was a bit tight on funds now, but he still had some mundane items like silver.

With a wave of his big hand, he asked them to prepare some valuable items. The disciple asked: "Master, should we prepare something for Junior Sister Xi'er too?"

"Xi'er?" Mo Jiuzhou said indifferently, "What should we prepare for her? She's not getting married anyway."

"But elder brother is marrying Junior Sister Xi'er."


Mo Jiuzhou was startled, and only after the disciple explained did he understand, his anger causing his beard to curl upwards: "Rebel! Rebel! I will slaughter him!"

Disciple: "Master, that's your eldest disciple."

Mo Jiuzhou: "So what if he is? I will slaughter him!"

Xi'er was an orphan without parents, so naturally the Master should be the one to propose for her.

Qin Changqing was a good boy who respected his master and held firm to the etiquette so he asked the disciple to inform him in advance.

Mo Jiuzhou seethed with anger.

I asked you to enlighten your junior sister, but what's the meaning of taking her away directly?

"Qin Changqing, get over here!"

With a roar from Xuanyi Peak, the whole immortal peak trembled.

The disciples looked up at the main peak, puzzled.

Didn't the eldest brother leave?

"Greetings, Master." Qin Changqing paid his respects to Mo Jiuzhou.

He didn't pay his respects too often in the twenty years at Xuanyi Peak.

Mo Jiuzhou continued to glower: "Is this how you're enlightening your junior sister?"

Qin Changqing looked innocent: "Master, this has nothing to do with me."

"Not your business? Whose business would it be if not yours?"

"Well, has Master ever cared about Junior Sister Xi'er after she returned to the mountain? Have you ever cared about her cultivation bottlenecks and any difficulties she has faced in practicing? You haven't."

Mo Jiuzhou stammered a few words: "I have to attend to my daily affairs, so how could I have time to guide everyone individually? Aren't other peaks like this too?"

"So, it's not my fault that I didn't guide her properly. I did my best, and it was Junior Sister Xi'er's own idea."

Seeing Mo Jiuzhou hesitate, Qin Changqing quickly waved his hand.

The servant behind him brought a few containers for food, then opened them one by one.

The aroma was intoxicating!

Next, a bottle of top-quality wine was revealed.

In an instant, the entire courtyard was filled with the fragrance of wine and dishes.

"Master, don't get angry. Let's sit down, have a drink, and talk slowly."

Mo Jiuzhou snorted lightly, seemingly unmoved, but his eyes glanced over the fragrant dishes.

Qin Changqing laughed: "In fact, Master doesn't have to worry. Although Junior Sister Xi'er has decided to become my Taoist couple, she is still from Xuanyi Peak, and the number of people in this lineage won't decrease."

He knew Mo Jiuzhou was not the kind of person who would hold back his disciples for the sake of his reputation, but the sect had its own rules. As a newly founded school, Xuanyi Peak should be in a thriving stage, and if personnel kept leaving, Mo Jiuzhou's position as the Peak Master would be questioned.

When the Sect Leader blames him, Mo Jiuzhou would also have a difficult time.

Upon hearing this, the old man's face relaxed.

"In fact, it's not that I'm unfeeling, nor is it the strictness of the sect. It's just that we've reached a critical moment for the sect, and we can't be careless."

"Oh? What's wrong with the sect?"

Mo Jiuzhou explained: "You know about the two pavilions and four sects in Tianchuan State, right?"

Qin Changqing nodded. The so-called 'two pavilions and four sects' referred to the six largest cultivation sects in Tianchuan State.

They were headed by the two pavilions, Wanjian Pavilion and Qiushui Pavilion, both Tier 4 sects.

The four sects were the Lingxiao Sect, Piaomiao Sect, Taixuan Sect, and Leihuo Sect, all Tier 5 sects.

As for the rest, the gap between them and the two pavilions and four sects was quite significant.

"Tianchuan State is only so big, and the resources that each sect can enjoy depends on their strength. Wanjian Pavilion and Qiushui Pavilion are the strongest, so they have the most resources. However, among the four sects, our Lingxiao Sect comes first, and the Sect Leader has long had the idea of becoming a Tier 4 sect. This opportunity will come in the next Immortal Ascension Conference."

"A Tier 4 sect?" Qin Changqing was surprised. "Doesn't that require a Void Refinement Realm powerhouse? Has the sect leader reached that point?"

Mo Jiuzhou stroked his beard: "This is not yet known, but since the sect leader has been in closed-door cultivation for this year's Immortal Ascension Conference, she must be at a critical moment. As disciples of the Lingxiao Sect, we naturally have to consider the sect."

"I understand." After saying that, Qin Changqing continued, "But what does this have to do with a waste like me?"

Mo Jiuzhou was speechless.

You really embrace your role as a slacker.

He waved his hand: "Alright, alright, you just need to know the situation of Xuanyi Peak."

"I do. I'll be more careful next time."

The proposal process went smoothly.

After Qin Changqing settled things with Mo Jiuzhou, he asked Xi'er to come back and pay her respects.

The old man suddenly seemed very content. After all, Qin Changqing and Xi'er had been with him for more than twenty years. Although this was not considered long for cultivators, Mo Jiuzhou had never had children, so his feelings were different.

He felt like an old father watching his children succeed in life.

Moreover, Xi'er's talent for cultivation wasn't very good. Since she was not interested in seeking the Dao, let her get married.

Xuanyi Peak didn't have many people, but they didn't lack someone like Xi'er either.

As for whether Xi'er wanted to stay on the mountain to practice in the future, it was up to her.

It was just one person, after all. Yes, it wouldn't matter.

With that thought, Mo Jiuzhou cheerfully gave Xi'er a lower-grade magical tool as a wedding gift.

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