45 Chapter 45: Cultivation is not as Important as Senior Brother_1

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"It's mine." Bai Yan said with a grin, "How about it? Isn't she adorable? I'm telling you, Senior Sister, when I first held her, she felt so fragile that I didn't dare to use too much force, afraid that I might hurt her."

Qin Lingshuang, however, asked: "Whose child is it?"

"Of course, it's Eldest Senior Brother's. Senior Sister, you're really funny, haha~"

Qin Lingshuang stopped talking.

After all, it was her fault. She shouldn't have let Junior Sister Bai Yan come over to see in the first place. What had she come to see? She saw everything, even the child.


Eldest Senior Brother really moved quickly.

How many years has it been?

At first, Qin Changqing had only been away from the mountain for two years, and he had already married and had a child.

Now, it has been seven or eight years, and even Junior Sister Bai Yan has married Eldest Senior Brother and had children.

In just ten years, he married two and both have children. Is this the life of worldly people?


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