133 Chapter 133: The Emperor's Stance?_1

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"You are," Tie Wuya's pupils contracted, "Nangong Mu!?"

"Oh? It seems you still have some discernment." Nangong Mu said indifferently.

Nangong is the surname of the royal family of the Dayan Dynasty, and he is naturally one of its members. However, he rarely goes out, so outsiders know very little about him.

He had previously concealed his cultivation, which was a precaution taken by the Dayan Dynasty.

Originally, Nangong Mu did not plan to take action. According to the previous plan, his existence was to prevent the people of the Qixiao Sect from going uncontrolled.

After all, they were trying to kill Qin Changqing.

But now, not only has Wang Ping and the others failed, but Qin Changqing has also received the inheritance from Duanjian Mountain.


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