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'.....'= Thoughts

"....."= Conversations


However, as he was about to use the power of the Quake Quake fruit, the door to his room slowly opened. Six people entered the room, with one man dressed like a soldier and another man in a suit. The other four walked towards John, their guns pointed at him.

John immediately pretended to be unconscious, trying not to alert them as he saw the door move.

The two men observed John from the doorway.

"Drop the act, John. When we brought you here, your neck was hanging on the other side, while your right foot was titled a bit towards the left. Even a fool can see through your act," the man in the suit commented and instantly ordered the four subordinates to bring John upstairs.

"Damn it," John cursed, frustrated at being seen through so easily. However, he knew he couldn't make any sudden moves. The four soldiers had their guns aimed directly at his head, and his hands and feet were tightly bound. If he attempted to use his Devil Fruit powers, he would surely be shot.

The man in the suit smiled smugly before leaving the room, accompanied by one of the soldiers.

"We have taken a great risk for this plan to succeed," the soldier said, as they made their way up the stairs. "According to the information we gathered and the data we recovered, the device is programmed to self-destruct within one minute of being removed from the mansion. Furthermore, in order to open the device, a scanner will need to verify John's heart rate, his eye pattern, fingerprints, and nearly every other detail."

"So, without John, the plan would undoubtedly fail," the man in the suit praised. "Hydra is still in its weak stages, and the serum present in the device would be crucial for its growth. Ross and Rachel were brilliant researchers to have developed the Super Soldier Serum."

"Yes, they have done remarkable work," the soldier replied.

As they reached the top of the stairs, they entered a room filled with high-tech equipment. The room was occupied by five people in white coats, who were working diligently on something.

In the center of the room, a white cylindrical machine could be seen slowly rising from the floor.

"According to our calculations, the device will be completely extracted and activated within three minutes and the count down will start instantly. The countdown will last for exactly one minute after which the device will destroy the serum stored in it, so we need to make sure John is with us when we activate it," one of the white coat researchers explained.

"He is on his way," The soldier replied.

"We also need to be cautious of any security measures in place. Hydra's presence in the mansion is still unknown, and we don't want to alert SHIELD of our intentions," the soldier further warned the researchers.

"Agreed. That's why we've brought in our best team for this mission. They're trained to handle any situation that arises," an old man, who seemed to be the leader of the group of researchers, responded.

"What will be our codename in case of failure?" the soldier asked.

"It is 'RED', one of the organisations that is against SHIELD and has its main headquarters in Russia. It is a second rate terrorist organisation," the man in suit replied.

"It is 'RED,' one of the organizations that is against SHIELD and has its main headquarters in Russia. It is a second-rate terrorist organization," the man in the suit replied.

"Copy that," the soldier answered, and then he turned towards the head researcher and said, "Have you checked John?"

"Yeah, we have checked multiple times and have not found any instance of him being injected with the Super Soldier Serum," the head researcher confirmed.

The soldier nodded his head and spoke through the earpiece.

"Team Alpha, this is Agent Cooper. We have successfully started the process of extraction, and the device will be activated in three minutes," the soldier informed the bald man.

The bald man and his team were responsible for protecting the agents and helping prevent any external disturbances that may be caused by unknown factors.

The bald man replied, "Good. Let's hope everything goes smoothly from here on out."

John was quickly brought to that room by the four agents, after they had untied him from the ropes.

John decided to first observe what was going on, as he didn't have a single clue about the reason for which he had been abducted.

Now that his hands and feet were untied, he could easily defeat those soldiers with the help of his Quake Quake Fruit, but he decided against it for now.

Because his life was not in danger, he chose to see what this was all about.

As John was brought up to the room, he discovered that none of the people there seemed familiar to him. He tried to recall if he had seen them in any Marvel movies, but it turned out to be a disappointment.

'Who the hell are these people? SHIELD? HYDRA? or some random terrorist organization?' John pondered.

"Mr. Wick, upon my order, please place your palm on the circular device," the soldier said, pointing to the machine in the center of the room. "Ask no questions and make no suspicious movements if you value your life," the soldier, also known as Agent Cooper, sternly warned.

As the minutes passed, Agent Cooper surveyed the area, keeping a keen eye out for any signs of trouble. He could feel the tension in the air, a palpable sense of anticipation mixed with nerves.

"The activation process is complete," the head researcher announced, commanding John to place his palm on the circular device.

John followed the researcher's instructions. Soon, a red light emitted from the circular device, scanning John from top to bottom. The scanning process lasted almost fifty seconds.

Everyone in the room, except for John, held their breath and finally relaxed once one of the researchers confirmed, "Identity has been confirmed."

As he said that, the circular device seemed to open at the top, and a transparent test tube with glowing blue liquid came out of it.

However, at the same time, sounds of screams and fights resounded throughout the mansion.

"Agent Cooper, be on high alert. We have an intru....," the bald man warned the soldier through the earpiece. But before he could complete his sentence, he seemed to be hit by something and screamed loudly.


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