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'.....'= Thoughts

"....."= Conversations


{Year: 2008}

{City: New York}

"What... what just happened?" John exclaimed, his voice filled with confusion, as he struggled to take in his surroundings and recover from the sudden dizziness.

John was watching his favourite hent..(cough) anime, while minding his own 'business' in his apartment and then suddenly he fell unconscious.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in an unfamiliar apartment that bore no resemblance to his own.

As he attempted to piece together what had occurred, the dizziness intensified, accompanied by a flood of memories rushing through his mind. However, as quickly as the memories came, the dizziness subsided.

"I've crossed over into the world of Marvel?" John gasped, his disbelief evident. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined such a fantastical scenario, being able to transmigrate to a different world.

Having read countless novels and fan fictions, John often found solace in his own fantasies, concocted while lying on his bed, desperate to escape the realities of everyday life.

'Who would have thought?' John had a wide smile on his face after finalizing the details of his current situation.

The person whose body he had transmigrated into was an orphan, just like him, but their name and appearance were quite unique.

'John Wick,' quite a good name.' John walked towards the mirror in his room and observed his reflection.

He looked just like Keanu Reeves, albeit a younger version. Specifically, an 18-year-old Keanu Reeves.

(Image of the protagonist John Wick.)

[Initiating System]

Two words enclosed in a bracket, suddenly appeared in front of John.

'Here's my cheat!' John's smile widened.

Soon a panel appeared before him with few words written on it.


Names: John Wick

Age: 18


[System Protection]


John clicked on the [System Protection] button which was glowing more brightly then the [Awaken] one.

As he clicked on it, a prompt appeared in front of his eyes.

[Memories of the previous life and the knowledge of the current plot of the Marvel Universe will be protected by the system. No one would be able to read, breach or exploit this part of user's memories. Only the user has access to these memories and knowledge.]

"Not bad at all. At least my identity as a transmigrator will be protected," John nodded in satisfaction. He then focused on the System Panel.

The Awaken button on the panel continuously emitted a glowing light.

John quickly clicked on the Awaken button. As he pressed it, a few details were transferred to his brain.

The function of the button was to randomly choose a power from a random person, whether they were a powerhouse or a weakling, and integrate that power into John's body.

The selection process was completely random, and John had no control over it.

Once John inherited the power, he had to train in it in order to increase his proficiency. There didn't seem to be any other shortcuts.

As soon as John pressed the Awaken button, a small button labeled 'Start' appeared below it.

John took a deep breath and clicked on the Start button.


A few seconds passed, with John's heartbeats increasing each second.

[Selection Completed]

[Awakening the Powers of 'Whitebeard', a character from the world of One Piece....]

"Holy shit!" John exclaimed. He was glad that it was not some weak power.

Soon, his brain was filled with information about the powers that Whitebeard possessed.

These details included instructions on how to use and enhance his physical strength, Haki, weapons, and Devil Fruit Powers.

Before he could fully comprehend this newfound knowledge, more prompts started appearing.

[System Function: Storage

Able to store objects provided by the system ONLY]

After the announcement, John gained access to a special system storage. Curious, he checked the contents and discovered two items: a bluish-white Devil Fruit and a long spear-like weapon.

With a simple thought, John willed the Gura Gura no Mi out of the system storage.

'Though the system storage is practically useless. Apart from storing the weapon given by the system, I won't be able to use it for anything,' John pondered.

He then observed the Devil Fruit in his hand.

'So will I get cursed by the Devil Fruit?' John thought while admiring the texture and patterns on the fruit.

'Whatever,' John shrugged and decided to eat the Devil Fruit.

However, before he could eat it, he heard another prompt.

[Unlocking the Limits of the User's Body].....

John's entire body ached as soon as that prompt appeared. The fruit fell from his hand and rolled towards the bed. The pain was so intense that John instantly fell down while panting. He felt like his body was being destroyed from the inside out.

He finally lost consciousness as the pain became unbearable with each passing second.

[Process Completed]

After a few hours had passed, John was finally able to regain consciousness.

'This process felt like hell,' James slowly tried getting up.

However, as he observed his body, he felt that there were no visible changes.

He tried punching the apartment wall, but nothing happened, except for a throbbing pain in his fist.

There was no increase in his strength whatsoever.

"It seems like the system only removed the limits on my body and didn't increase my strength. I guess I have to train hard to become stronger." That was the only conclusion John was able to draw.

After finishing his observation of his body, he quickly went to the bathroom to clean himself up.

After cleaning himself up and also the mess on the floor of his room, which was released from his body during the transformation process, he ran towards the Devil Fruit and quickly ate it.

"Disgusting," John frowned, but still ate the entire fruit, leaving no piece behind.

After eating it, he willed the panel to appear in front of him.


Names: John Wick

Age: 18

Physical strength (Proficiency: 1%)

Devil Fruit:

Gura Gura No Mi/ Quake Quake Fruit (Proficiency: 1%)


•Observation Haki (Proficiency: 1%)

•Armament Haki (Proficiency: 1%)

°°Internal Destruction (Proficiency 1%)

•Conquerors Haki (Proficiency 1%)


Murakumogiri (Proficiency: 1%)

{Remainder: The 100% proficiency does not depict the peak of the Whitebeard's power in the One Piece World. It depicts what the user can achieve with these abilities, which surpasses the peak strength of Whitebeard by a huge margin.}


'One percent proficiency? I thought it would be zero percent! Hmm, the one percent may be because of the knowledge that was transferred to my brain of these abilities,' John concluded.


Looking at the rest of the system, it feels like Whitebeard never unleashed the true potential of his abilities. Also, the fruit seems capable of causing much more destruction than what was shown in the anime. I just hope I will be able to unlock the true potential of all these abilities,' John pondered.


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