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Universe:- Our Dream!!


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" Little Star " is how she is known by everyone! The one whose identity is unknown yet known by all. She, is a famous singer, yet confidential. Popularly known as "The one who sings in mask" ! Ajay, owner of " Star ", a music company, well the company with no well name! It still stayed at the position of a start-up company even after 3 years experience! The company with no much recognition, with three years of experiences and a lot of failures! Nearer to the edge of loosing everything, yet never did he lost hope! Story takes a twist, when fate brings this two ending poles from two different worlds with the only connection "music", in the name of a contract! And that's when everything starts to change! A childhood lovestory it is indeed, some secrets, some rudeness, togetherness at the circumstances and the heartfelt love that's hidden and forgotten. Join me, to experience this rollercoaster of love, emotions, and music a language of love, to feel and explore the further story!! Note:- Cover page doesn't belong to me, credit goes to it's owner! And this is not a translation but an original work!


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