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Got me hooked from the very first chapter. The story was funny, refreshing and just my type. I really want this to appear in the voting pool and come out quick..

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Half of each chapter is about other peoples reaction to Wang hao doing something. They comments of bystanders are no interesting either, just repeating the same thing over and over again. So the story feels like a pain to read. I suggest don't vote for this one. It's literally trash


I’m caught with Translations. It’s a hilarious story and it has plot. But there’s much to be desired from the Characters. The Author has already set up a good cast like “Daily Life Of Immortal King.” If they get discarded along the way, then this Novel will be ruined. It feels like this story will stray at any moment and become milked like any CN now. So i hope the Author focuses on his Characters, like his 4 lovers. For once I really like this Polygamy. But if it grows too big and we no longer get to see them, it’ll be disheartening. They all provide hilarious duos with the MC. I mean Meimei has already been discarded, so it’s kinda disappointing. Hopefully, his relationship with his lovers is established soon as I want to see them together more. I wonder how they’ll react if MC dies? Please no disappearing every hundred chapters sh*t, that will ruin this novel.


If you want to get annoyed every chapter then read this.. 🙁 what the hell is this supervillian system if the mc is useless and only knows how to make a cringey jokes.


I'll give this a straight five.I like the mc,the story and the side characters.If you like stories like godly model creator or divine card creator you will like this too,most probably


The plot is good but the content has grammatical errors here and there. It is confusing and not to my liking. Even some people thought it to be a Gender Bender. I don't know if the author is trying to be funny while trying to make the MC the greatest villain but to me there's no weight nor relevance to it. I thought it would be a dark and sophisticated read, but mehhh.... It's for kids to read.


Its a rather average sci-fi world background with a cultivation spin on it. Translation quality is OK, needs some work on grammar and misspelling. The characters are amusing for a while, but the author exaggerates quite a bit during the final portion of Arc 1 with how much of a scoundrel the MC is. He isn't behaving like a villain, he is acting like a shameless retard. The shopping spree he goes on with his system was also uncalled for. Yeah it gets him noticed as OP, but honestly it kills his character growth and possibility for actually putting in hard work for his growth. Every villain is a genius at talent and hard work, its why they grow so fast and become so deadly while the Hero is usually gifted a plethora of powerups and outside help, the villain does it all alone. I want to see him being a real villain. Not just another cookie cutter xianxia face slapper mc. Its not right man.


The MC is undeserving of the title of supervillain. Rather than being called a villain the MC would be more accurately addressed as a superpervert. Only an MC like Reverend Insanity’s would even come close to deserving this title. This novels MC is just straight up disappointing when contrasted with him. This MC harasses women and ‘violates a bunch of virgins sanctuaries’ to get his ‘supervillain’ points. Reverend Insanity’s straight up fed a innocent 15 year old girl to a bear to complete a demonic ritual without batting a eyelid. So all in all I fucking hate this novel, it’s a waste of time and really only caters to virgins who don’t know how to properly treat women.


Trash... Repeatitive plot... Its like the author is a child... Forced comedy.. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩


Bull****. Doing what every other novel does and give the mc something op and then have him use it on something ****ty, wasting it. Fuck that.


The story tries to be funny but is just turning into something ridiculous. I am around Chapter 150 and the MCs behaviour is not villainous It's stupid. The early parts were funny. It was fun seeing him fool others or his shamelessness. But once he reached the College, the 11 Planet. It's no villainous plans or long terms fooling. He wears a mecha and is launching missiles inside the city. Using mchine guns and destroying male students family jewels... I had started expecting subtlety. But this is just...blunt brute force. Plus reading, MC destroying balls is not funny. It just makes him look as a bloodthirsty crazy maniac. Overall the story feels like a Kindergarteners God Level demon. It's possible that it was a just small arc. But that has completely broken my interest in it. I will wait for more people to reach this point and review. So maybe I might later continue it. Until than, cya.


good series bug just 1 star To Webnovel tells it's fans if it is Drooped or Translator sick or scutch so don't waist stones to it releasee more chapters bin stuck at c200 for some time now and no posst stating Novel status ether =/


Reveal spoiler


What's the deal with so many stories getting dropped lately? This hasn't been updated in over 3 weeks now. I don't get why they would go and add so many novels and yet they can't even stick to completely most of them.


Another novel being Thrown away in dust by webnovel I liked this one but it seems no more translation 😔 They shouldn't start if they want to leave it half completed


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So I've been having a good time reading But why did it suddenly stop at 200 chaps? Just a poor yet bored mortal filled with curiosity wondering why the translation stoppes