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After her death in her previous life, a young woman was reborn in a new world with a unique, but powerful gamer system. Watch as she grows stronger, and finds love along the way! _____________________________ Tags - Futanari, Overpowered, Gamer, Lesbian, AU, Alternate universe, fastpaced, TVD, Legacies, action, adventure, magic, harem and more. THERE IS A HAREM: 5 girls at maximum, currently with 3 of the five.

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Chapter 38

[Location: Salvatore Boarding School] [3rd POV]

Two days had passed since the little Oneiroi incident, with the school quickly getting over the monster. Talia during this time, had ended up going on a date with Hope, as well as getting more of her Chemistry of Magic done, she was now nearly finished with the class, and was at the tail end of it.

Talia hadn't went back into the dungeon during this time, and had instead began to train in her new elements she had obtained. She found that her new Kitsune elements, this being ocean and music, were quite powerful. Especially the music one, as it basically allowed her to control sound itself, hence the name Music Kitsune. The ocean one was also pretty decent, but wasn't as good, not as of yet, at least.

Above all, Talia had been focusing on training her new fairy magics. She found that her mind fairy magic was pretty helpful, allowing her to sense the emotions of others even more than before, after some training, and even a minor form of telekinesis, that she knew would grow further in the future. The air fairy was also quite good, and she had begun to train in to train in manipulating the wind around her. She didn't forget to train her light fairy either, having improved upon her illusions especially, now able to make hard to sense illusions, of a rather impressive size.

Besides that, she had begun to train with Hope more often, helping her girlfriend get better in hand to hand combat, and even helping her with some magic as well. While Hope couldn't learn most of Talia's magic, Talia could still help her with her own.

Talia had also continued to train with her tails, especially the fourth one. She found that being able to cast another spell through it, was pretty overpowered. She also continued to train in using her tails as if they were another limb, but it wasn't going too far, as she needed her tails to be more solid, adn for there to be more of them, for it to work all that well.

Currently however, Talia was walking briskly through the halls of the school, with Hope by her side. It was late into the night, but the spell that Hope had placed around the urn, as a trap, had went off, causing a bell to ring, notifying them of the attempt at stealing the urn.

Walking up alongside Hope, they were met with Dorian, and Alaric with a crossbow in his hands "Sounds like the trap worked" She said, before they made there way to where the trap was set.

Walking in the forest in the small group, Hope began to speak "I know this is important, but you couldn't have put pants on first?"

"Little early for snark, Hope" Alaric had replied, before Dorian spoke "Any guesses on what famous monster from filmland we get to slay today?"

Scoffing, Alaric replied "With out luck, it'll be Cthulu"

"I bet it's a unicorn" Talia said, a knowing smile on her face, causing Hope to narrow her eyes, knowing that Talia knew something they didn't know. "I won't take that bet" Hope replied, knowing better than to bet against Talia.

Hearing the neigh of a horse, Dorian spoke "False alarm, it's just a horse" Hope glanced at her smirking girlfriend, knowing that she was probably right. "Must have gotten out of the stables and wondered across the barrier spell"

"Except we don't have a white horse" Hope said, causing the two men to blink in realization, before their eyes widened at the horn on the horses forehead. "Told you it was a unicorn" Talia said with a smirk on her face.

Raising his crossbow,  Alaric was prepared to fire on the unicorn, only to stop as Hope walked in front of him "Hey, wait, wait. Hold your fire" Hope said, causing Dorian to reply "It's a monster, Hope. It's here to take the artifacts"

"You're not seriously suggesting we kill a unicorn?" Hope said, causing Talia to look her girlfriend in the eye, Talia couldn't help but softly smile at the hidden childlike glee in her girlfriends eyes. It was clear that Hope liked unicorns, Talia inwardly decided to save the creature, and unbind it from Malivore, only so her girlfriend could have a pet unicorn.

"I'm suggesting we don't give it a pass because it's cute" Dorian intercepted, causing Hope to glance back at the creature, before softly speaking "Can't we just...leave it alone? It's trapped, it's not going anywhere. It's harmless"

After finishing that, Talia noticed a small creature exit it's ear, noticing this, Talia destroyed the little parasite before it could get away, while discreetly healing the unicorn, and cutting it off from Malivore, permanently.

"Hope's right. As long as we keep it alive, other creatures won't come for the urn and knife. So we just stay alert and let it be" Alaric said.

"Alright, well, I'll be on alert back in bed" Dorian replied, before turning around and beginning to walk back to the school. It was late into the night/early into the morning, and he did not want to stay up too late.

Getting back into the school, the two slowly cuddled up to eachother, and fell asleep, cuddling.

[Later in the day/Early Morning]

Slowly getting up, Talia yawned before blinking as Hope leaned into her ear "Morning, daddy~" Hearing the seductive cutesy tone of her girlfriend, Talia raised an eyebrow at her. She had an adorable smile on her face, and looked...different, with her hair in a new style, that Talia had to admit she liked.

"Are you alright, love?" Talia asked, before focusing in on Hope, before frowning as she noticed something different "I feel great!" Hearing the reply, Talia frowned, before giving Hope a small electrical shock, causing a slug like creature to fly out of her ear, and onto the floor.

"Talia! What the hell is that?!" Hope screamed, as Talia stomped the slug with a disgusted look. "That, is a mind controlling slug" Hope cringed as she moved her hand to her ear, feeling the gross bioluminescent goo like liquid from the slug. Noticing this, Talia walked over and cleaned her ear, before speaking.

"We should probably go find Dorian" Talia said, causing the grossed out Hope to nod, before the two ran off to find the man in question. It took them a little while, before they found him in front of the unicorn, walking up to him, Hope spoke.

"Mr. Williams, we need your help. Dr. Salzmans been MIA, and this creepy slug came out of my ear" Hope started, causing Dorian to slowly turn around and stare for a moment, before lifting up a jar, with a slug inside.

"Did it look like this?" Dorian asked, holding up the slug filled jar.

"Yep, pretty much" Talia said, a little grossed out with the slug.

"This one tried getting into me. I was hoping it was the only one. I think our harmless friend the unicorn brought it onto school grounds to infect all of us" Dorian said, explaining his hypothesis.

Talia hearing this, sighed and spoke.

"So...slug hunting time, then?"


That's the end of this chapter. Next chapter should be longer (like double the size lol), and will be VERY special, as it will have a rather important moment happen. It will also have Talia singing...so yeah. Next chapter will definitely be better than this one...hopefully.

We are also getting close to the end of Talia's time in Legacies, so, I have to ask, where should she and Hope go to? I was thinking of having her go to one of the following universes first

Harry Potter

Motherland: Fort Salem

Fate: Winx Saga


Shadowhunters (The show)

Not sure which one to go to first, as I love all of them. I was kinda tempted to go to Shadowhunters, due to her background, and it having some pretty interesting things, like the runes, and demons/warlocks. Eventually I plan on having her go to some anime, with Danmachi being at the top of that list, with RWBY being on there as well.

Before anyone asks, NO, there will be no more love interests, as now a days, I am leaning towards the no harem group, as it is far easier to write, and makes a lot more sense, logically. Not to mention, Hope doesn't seem like the type to want to share.

Anyways, have a good day! Point out any mistakes! See you tomorrow!

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