Unholy Emperor

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What is Unholy Emperor

Read ‘Unholy Emperor’ Online for Free, written by the author Lucas_Fidelis, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ANTIHERO Fiction, DRAGON Light Novel, EGOIST Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Minethet Wartherrod, Earth scientist discovers the existence of magic and magical beings, after capturing and researchin...


Minethet Wartherrod, Earth scientist discovers the existence of magic and magical beings, after capturing and researching the DNA of these creatures, he was confronted by Earth's Archmages and was killed, and started on a new journey... I've already tried to create a novel, but I stopped, now I'm going to try this one, I'm new, I hope you accept the mistakes and help me evolve.

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It is the 41st millennium and it has been years since the corrupt dystopian society of the imperium of man has come . But one parent less and unloved boy decides to fight against it . On the day of his parents murder he decided that he would get revenge using all necessary options to do it . But perhaps this vendetta isn’t just that a vendetta it might be more a journey for self discovery . For who they really are . Will they just be another shadow in history which is never mentioned or will people look at him with terror and with fear . Will people use his name as a way to quiet down children at night only time will tell . Cause this is the rising of the Antichrist he shall carve his path and his future toward and will attain riches beyond imagination he shall become a soul plunderer a pirate all of them . He shall have them all he shall have everything . If it’s not already his his cruel hands will take it from them this is not a story of where he will be the nice pushover. No he shall be the villain in this story he shall be a king an emperor he shall have those titles . He shall attain love and companionship as well in this power . He shall finally be the man people look at with Terror and with fear for vengeance for self discovery . And most importantly of all Love I do not own Warhammer 40k and there will only be a few things in the story related to 40k cause I do not know much about Warhammer 40k and so other creatures will be made right off the top of my head But if you want me to add something related to Warhammer 40k just tell me

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