Unheard Wishes: A Tale of Desires

Short Version: An overpowered man helps anime and comic characters in exchange for sex. Long version: In an unexpected turn of events, an average man meets his demise and finds himself transported to a mysterious new world. Driven by his deepest desires, he yearns to create a group of women who adore him—a Harem. However, he soon discovers a surprising truth: there are no women in this world. Determined to escape this peculiar realm and protect his virtue, our hero sets out on a challenging journey of self-improvement. Through hard work and unwavering commitment, he attains godlike powers. But even with his newfound abilities, he finds himself confined to a shop within the vast multiverse. Within the walls of this enigmatic shop, our protagonist faces his true test. As a divine duty, he must assist distressed women from different parts of the multiverse, offering them his strength and guidance. However, the cosmic balance demands a price, and the reward he gets is.... Sex Throughout his adventure, our hero encounters women from various backgrounds, each with their own unique struggles and stories. As he ventures forth, he becomes deeply involved in their challenges, providing comfort, advice, and protection. Yet, amid his selfless acts, the man secretly hopes that someday, somehow, his unwavering dedication and kindness will be reciprocated. Will his cherished dream of a Harem come to fruition, or will the universe have different plans for him? Embark on this captivating journey, where desire, determination, and duty intertwine, showcasing a man's quest for personal fulfillment and the salvation of others. ..... Worlds: Oshi no ko Chainsaw man Marvel DC One piece Naruto Attack on titan Bleach Jujutsu Kaisen One punch man And more.... ...... Patreon link: https://www.patr.eon.com/Over_The_Moon69 Discord Link: https://discord.gg/4YMFGVwtbc (new link) Ko-fi Link: https://ko-fi.com/overthemoon69 ... I will be posting this story on Royal Road https://www.royalroad.com/author-dashboard

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"Are we done?" She looked up at him, her ears red which spread to her face when she met his gaze. Makima's eyes gleamed in expectation even if her face remained stoic, awaiting his answer wrapping her arms around him. She did not want to let go of him.

"If you want to stop we can," Adam said. He wanted to continue but he could see that something was happening to Makima, and he took that question the wrong way. Thinking she wanted to stop because of her confusion, but he was wrong.

"No, I don't want this to stop…" Makima hugged his neck, her eyes burning with newfound desire. She was high on pleasure.

The one in front of her made her feel that way. Many had been her targets before, but no one had been able to touch her like he did. Not one of them had been able to make her heart race like this, and not one of them had ever made her desire them to this extent. She didn't expect it to happen but since it had happened. She wanted to lean into this, and drown in it completely.

"Makima you know that if you say that to me now..." Adam looked at her seriously. He had been holding back a lot mainly because this was the first time she was feeling the connection, he did not do anything too crazy to overstimulate her, because she was already in that state and it appeared to have gotten worse.

"It is fine… I want it." Makima smiled. And it was a smile she had never shown anyone before, because she wasn't aware of possessing it, and she still didn't know.

"So don't hold back and give me everything." Just the normal sex they just had pushed her mind to the boundary.

That is why she wanted to know, what would happen to her if Adam laid all of his desires on her as he did before. What would that make her feel? How would her body react this time? And more importantly, how would she see him after this?

Would he still be the target she wants to control? Or would he become something more for her? Something that she never thought was possible for her.

'I want to find out… I want to know…' Makima stared at him endearingly, the red in her eyes swirling as her body waited in anticipation of what was about to come next.

On that day, the Control Devil lost control for the first time because the feelings she believed she could never have, overwhelmed her very being. She had at last found someone who she couldn't control, someone who would stand next to her of his own will rather than her command.

Makima had finally found someone who could be her equal, whether this was good or bad. That depended on who was thinking about it because the only one would, or should get their wishes, was herself and the one she saw as her equal.

In her eyes, every other existence didn't matter as long and existed solely for their benefit. And the worst part was that the ball was already in motion without anyone's knowledge, not even she knew about it.

"So…this is Miss Makima's house…" Glancing at the expensive wooden door in front of him, Aki fidgeted. He had been standing in front of it for 10 minutes now staring at the key in his hand. He was so focused on it that he didn't notice how eerily quiet the whole building was.

'She gave me a key to her house…' His heartbeat quickened when he recalled the moment, it was something he never thought would happen. But he quickly smacked his face, he shouldn't be having such thoughts, the reason he got the key was because it was related to the job Makima gave him.

So taking a deep breath and stabilizing his mind, he stepped forward and carefully inserted the key into the keyhole. After unlocking the door he twisted the handle with a thumping heart, pushing the door slowly as he gulped down his saliva. No one knew where Makima's house was, and for him to be given the key to enter this place unobstructed, was nerve-racking.

"Sorry … for the intrusion." That is why he couldn't stop his pounding heart. He had pressed the bell a few times before but got no answer, so Makima should be busy which is why he was given the task. But as soon as he entered, his eyes stopped at the shoes near the entrance.

The first pair was small, one could easily imagine that it belonged to a woman who had very delicate feet and the fact that they were expensive. There was no question in his mind that these belonged to Makima. And Aki was sure that she wore them last night to the welcome party.

But the problem was the second pair of shoes; they were big even for a man. It appeared to belong to a giant when set next to her shoes. So, the question was, who did they belong to? And Aki didn't have to think too much, because a face appeared in his mind instantly.

'Why are his shoes… here?' With every second that passed, anxiety bubbled up in his heart. He had seen what the two did last night, so thinking along that way he could conclude, one that he didn't want to think about.

"No… I shouldn't think about that…" Aki shook his head before he thought of something unsavory about his boss. They shouldn't be at home anyway, otherwise, they would've answered the door.

Honestly, what they did shouldn't bother him, it really shouldn't but looking at the shoes he could not help but frown. Just remembering last night was bad for him, he wasn't able to sleep at all as every time he closed his eyes he was taken back to that moment. And now his thoughts worsened.

"I need to do my job." Even then he powered through it, taking his shoes off he walked through the hallway carefully. Leaving the kitchen and bathroom behind he entered the lavishly decorated living room. And sitting there on the plush carpet Aki found the reason he came here.


It was the fluffy dog named Mochi, sitting there next to his empty bowl obediently. Makima had asked him to take care of Mochi for the next few days since she wouldn't be able to. She didn't want Mochi to go without food like last time, so she handed this job to Aki and had him come and pick up the dog.

Was this job too little to ask of someone like him? Yes. But did he mind it? No. He nodded so hard last night that it felt like he dislocated his neck. No matter how small the job, if it was from Makima it became the most important task in the history of mankind.

That was the type of power she held over everyone. But there was something that made Aki squint his eyes.

"What is this smell?" He felt lightheaded just from the whiff of this scent drifting around the closed room, his eyes followed the source and he soon found a lacy black panty. It was drenched and his eyes started to spin at the possibilities, there was no doubt that this belonged to Makima as they were nested in her pants which also had a wet patch around the crotch area.

But he couldn't understand why it was thrown on the floor, and soon he noticed that it wasn't just the panties, her bra as well as the clothes she wore last night, all of them were on the floor emanating her irresistible scent that drew him in.

And it was then that he saw the second pair of clothes, ones that he could never forget because they belonged to the man that he had seen hundreds of times in his head, and it only seemed to have gotten worse.

"Why are his clothes and underwear all over the place?" His mind went to the worst conclusion, and his eyes noticed the stained carpet. Not being able to stop himself, his feet followed the trail and he soon found himself in front of the Master bedroom's door. The wall next to it was also stained by some liquid and the floor had some as well, just that it was mixed with something white. And a thick scent leaked out of the room, it was a mix of the scent in the living room and something more.

Standing in front of the door Aki felt like he was losing his mind, the clothes and the things he had seen, and the shoes at the door. It all led to the same thing, looking at the bedroom there was only one possible outcome.

'It has to be the dog, Yeah! The dog!' But his mind came up with a delusion, he was escaping from reality. Why? He had no idea. Things have been confusing for him since last night. He never knew that he held these feelings in his heart because he was not sure that he could. And the moment he realized these feelings, he saw something terrible.

So, while he was trying to run away…

"Ahn~! Adam~! Yes~!!! Deeper~!"