4 Hoshino Ai

So, after getting the Sex system that will help me keep track of the contract and make sure that I am paid in full. I was on my way out of this world.

"Bye, don't miss me~! cause I certainly won't miss you~!" That was all I said as I left for the place that was created for me.

And in less than a second I was in the space I was told about before.

"Not too shabby," I looked around at what seemed like a living room, or the main area of the shop.

There were two couches here with a table in the middle, this is where I would need to strike a deal with the distressed women who would need my help.

There was a kitchen in the back that would refill all of the ingredients that are used and can even add stuff I want. It was the same for the liquor as well.

"Ah, Coffee, Tastes like shit but tastes like home," I was grinning while having a cup of coffee that I didn't have for a long time.

I could've just gone to the market and bought it but I didn't have the leeway to do so at the time. so I grew my own, not to mention with me Being the God of agriculture and the God of Cooking, what I made was enough to make the most premium coffee on earth feel like dirt mixed in water.

But as all humans are, I really craved the cheap instant coffee even when I had premium shit in front of me, and now I could finally drink some shitty dirt mixed in hot water.


'Come to think of it, When was the last time I had a meal?' I couldn't even remember this now so I just gave up.

Then there was a bedroom where you know, the payment will be carried out after the deal is struck. This is the main fucking room, get it?

It had a nice big bed with good enough lighting and the mattress was fluffy as well along with the blankets, the room's temperature could be controlled easily if one wanted to.

This was really good, I was liking this, but the bedroom was too plain.

'Maybe I should decorate this place, need to make a good impression on the customers,' I was told that the distressed women would come in through the main door and I could adjust the setting through the Sex system.

I opened the system and changed the settings.


Male – None

Female (With a Dick) – I will send you to Jesus!

Female (The real one) –YES!!!!


That was all of my requirements and I didn't even look at other things, I seriously did not care as long as a woman walked through that door.

And with that, I started to work on decorating my store, but while waiting a few years passed and no one came into the shop.


??? POV

December 17th, 10:30 A.M. Tokyo.

'Today's a great day!' Was my thought as I looked out of the window, the day was just right.

"Mama!! Happy birthday!!" My little girl came to me and said that once again, I don't know how many times she had said that since morning but I don't get tired of hearing it. I picked her up from the ground and hugged her tightly.

"Yes, Yes, Ruby, mama is really turning twenty today, isn't that great?" I asked as my adorable daughter nodded and rubbed her face on my chest.

'She's the cutest!!' That was all I could think about her, but time was running out so…

"Ruby, I need to make some food, so play with Aqua a little alright?" Even though Ruby looked like she didn't want to leave me, she still listened to me and went away after giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Today was a great day.

'President should be here in an hour for the schedule,' I thought as I would sure to have a busy day, I was performing in Tokyo Dome after all.

It was a big deal for me and my Idol Group.

Huh? I didn't tell you who I am? Ahaha, I must've forgotten.

Tehe~! Silly me.

My name is Hoshino Ai, the lead of the popular idol group B-Komachi.

Today I will be performing at Tokyo Dome and it was also my birthday.

'Birthday, huh?' A few years ago this day was the same as any other day of the year to me.

But after my kids were born, I have looked forward to this day every year. Why?

It's because I can hear my adorable daughter wish me 'Happy Birthday' throughout the day.

My son albeit normally quiet would also be very enthusiastic on this day. It was seriously too cute that I couldn't hold it in and showered them with kisses. Hmm? I kind of did that very often. Anyways…

I have heard that Idols are supposed to shine like stars, It is so that they can attract the fan's total attention and make them forget about the hardships they are going through.

I always worked to be such an Idol, I want to shine so brightly that you would forget everything as soon as you lay your eyes on me.

I, Hoshino Ai, will be the only thing in your mind like the lone shining star in the darkest night.

But for me, My two children Aqua and Ruby were my stars.

Whenever I look at them all of my fatigue from running around during the day vanished. When I hold them I forget about what type of life I have lived before. It didn't matter in that moment.

When my children shower me with their love, I always forget that I have never been able to return it to them.

To the world, Hoshino Ai is a bright and cheerful Idol who can be a little clumsy at times, but her cuteness makes up for it.

But, I wonder, what they'll think when see the real me?

'They'd surely want to kill me, right?'

"Kidding~! There's no way they can kill someone this cute~!" I looked at my reflection in the water as I smiled brightly like I always do.

I am good at lying, I have been doing it my whole life after all.

I have been saying 'I love you' to all of my fans with my own mouth or through my songs, when in reality I don't even know what these words mean.

But there are some that can't think of lying to.


"Ah, It must be President Saiko," I ran out of the kitchen and went towards the front door.

'Today is a great day,' I was going to make possibly the biggest performance of my Idol career. And it was my birthday as well.

'I need to be perfect today,' With that thought I opened the door and there was a person standing there that I didn't expect.


Then I was stabbed in the stomach, it happened so suddenly that I couldn't make sense of anything and before I knew it, I was stumbling back with something hot coming out of my burning stomach.

"AI!!!!" I heard Aqua scream from behind and I tried to not fall.

'I still need to ...protect Aqua,' I stood in front as I felt my son grabbing my skirt and shouting, I could feel his little hands trembling.

It was funny that with a hole in my stomach, I was more worried about my son than myself. Hmm, Was that weird? I don't know, but I also don't care.

"You bitch!! You lied to me!! You Lied to us fans!!! Telling us you love us, But you had kids behind everyone's backs!!!" The person who stabbed me roared, he seemed, no I was certain he was a fan because I knew him, "I bet you were laughing at us like we were fools, I bet you don't even know who I am."

"You are Ryusuke-kun, right?" I could see his face change into a shocked one.

"Did I get that wrong? I am sorry …I am not good with names and faces, Haha, I am a really hopeless human," I laughed even while in pain.

He was correct I lied to them, I lied to all of my fans saying that I loved them. It was a lie because I didn't know what loving another person meant.

"T-This isn't how it was supposed to be!!" I saw Ryusuke run away in fear dropping the knife on the ground.

"Ah," Seeing that my legs gave out and I finally fell to the ground.


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