Unheard Wishes: A Tale of Desires

Short Version: An overpowered man helps anime and comic characters in exchange for sex. Long version: In an unexpected turn of events, an average man meets his demise and finds himself transported to a mysterious new world. Driven by his deepest desires, he yearns to create a group of women who adore him—a Harem. However, he soon discovers a surprising truth: there are no women in this world. Determined to escape this peculiar realm and protect his virtue, our hero sets out on a challenging journey of self-improvement. Through hard work and unwavering commitment, he attains godlike powers. But even with his newfound abilities, he finds himself confined to a shop within the vast multiverse. Within the walls of this enigmatic shop, our protagonist faces his true test. As a divine duty, he must assist distressed women from different parts of the multiverse, offering them his strength and guidance. However, the cosmic balance demands a price, and the reward he gets is.... Sex Throughout his adventure, our hero encounters women from various backgrounds, each with their own unique struggles and stories. As he ventures forth, he becomes deeply involved in their challenges, providing comfort, advice, and protection. Yet, amid his selfless acts, the man secretly hopes that someday, somehow, his unwavering dedication and kindness will be reciprocated. Will his cherished dream of a Harem come to fruition, or will the universe have different plans for him? Embark on this captivating journey, where desire, determination, and duty intertwine, showcasing a man's quest for personal fulfillment and the salvation of others. ..... Worlds: Oshi no ko Chainsaw man Marvel DC One piece Naruto Attack on titan Bleach Jujutsu Kaisen One punch man And more.... ...... Patreon link: https://www.patr.eon.com/Over_The_Moon69 Discord Link: https://discord.gg/4YMFGVwtbc (new link) Ko-fi Link: https://ko-fi.com/overthemoon69 ... I will be posting this story on Royal Road https://www.royalroad.com/author-dashboard

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Dating Advice?

"If you send her the location she'll charge head first you idiot." Fushiguro sighed, but Yuji shook his head.

"Kugisaki said she's on a date so she wouldn't come." Those words shook Fushiguro to his core.

"She's on a what?"

"A Date." Itadori showed the picture Nobara sent. 

Her hands were full of shopping bags from big-name brands, and her face had a satisfied grin facing the camera. In one picture she was playing arcade games, then she was in an amusement park, and then in another she ate five-star meals.

"She's really on a Date…" Fushiguro has never been this speechless.




"Hehe, I can imagine their faces of shock from here." Nobara's impish laugh rang in the empty dining hall of the Italian restaurant.

But soon she turned to Adam, he sat across her and very elegantly ate his pasta. She tried to copy but ultimately failed, so she ate normally instead.

The past few hours have been a blast for her. They were in Shibuya and she could do whatever she wanted. At first, she was skeptical of the idea because of the current state of Tokyo, especially Shibuya. But once she came here, she saw the whole place had returned to normal.

'More like he made it return to normal.' Adam told her that in front of her was a mixture of Illusion and reality. She could touch anything and take them from there, she could eat, play, and buy whatever she wanted.

But these were just limited to the shops that were here. The taste of the food, the fabric of the cloth, even the scent of perfumes, everything checked out in her mind. The area she had been going through for nearly half a day now, is indeed Shibuya.

"Do you want anything more?" Brought out of her thoughts by the question, she thought for a bit and eventually arrived at her answer.

"Nothing from around here," She said.

"Hmm, if there is a place you want to visit outside of Tokyo or Japan, any is fine."

"For real?" Nobara's eyes widened further when Adam nodded.

"Any place I want?"

"Yes." Getting a confirmation a second time sent her brain into motion.

There were many places in Japan that she wanted to visit, and the list only got bigger as the world was involved. However, even with the current situation Japan faced, she didn't doubt his words to bring that into reality. The result of what he could do lay in front of her.

Seeing her deep in thought Adam wiped his mouth with a cloth and waited for her. But, it didn't take long before Nobara had reached her answer.

"Rather than a place, there are two people I want to meet. Can you… do that?" Realizing that the chance was in front of her, she decided to go for it. And as much as it felt weird to ask him to do this, she was partly over this wall after today.

"Just think of them and I'll take you to them," Adam said.

"You can read my mind?" Nobara asked with an incredulous expression.

"If I want to, yes," 

"So, you don't do that all the time, right?" Nobara squinted her eyes but Adam smiled.

"Other than fights or specific situations that demand it, I never use this. I feel like it is very dishonest to eavesdrop on someone's thoughts, if they didn't mind it being known they wouldn't keep it in their heads." He always had that sort of view on this skill. That is why he didn't use it, especially on women he wanted to be close with.

"You're more uptight than you look," Impressed, Nobara nodded with satisfaction. If she had such ability she'd abuse it to the point of no return. However, she didn't and that was all.

"Well, let's just say that I am a very biased individual." Adam shook his head and stood up. 

He walked behind her and stopped her from standing up. His hand on her shoulders, Nobara looked ahead. The hotel vanished before her eyes, and she was back in the house she missed visiting so much. 

The two people she wanted to meet appeared before her.

"W-What? Where am I?" The last thing Saori remembered was resting on the rare holiday, but when she woke up the surroundings changed.

"!!!" Fumi was startled because she got whisked away on her way home from school.

However, the two panicking girls calmed down when they saw Nobara standing there.

"N-Nobara…" Saori's lips parted in disbelief. The young kid she recently thought about, now a young girl who was a spitting image of that kid stood before her.

But, instead of going forward, she took a step back. She wasn't anything like before. Dark eyebags hung under her tired gaze. The tangled hair and stretched-out T-shirt added to her messy appearance. This was her real personality; she wasn't anything like the proper lady she tried to play in front of the kid Nobara.

'I knew that such a day would come…' Her eyes lowered when she saw Nobara's body shake, being lied to was the worst feeling. And if that lie was a big part of one's childhood then it would only bring more pain.

'Will she cry or lash out? I don't know what it will be, but I hope she didn't think of me that much. It would be better if she doesn't recognize me at all.' However, before she could look up, Nobara wrapped her hands around her.

"Long time no see Saori Nee-chan!" The enthusiasm in her voice was the same as when they first met, "I've missed you too, Fumi." 

"Y-Yes, I missed you and Saori Nee-chan too." Fumi was much shyer than she remembered, but even she didn't hold back either.

'I was so embarrassed at the idea of meeting them because of how much I changed. But these kids… they've changed too.' She always said that she was passing the time with them.

But if that was true she wouldn't have gone that far with her efforts. She learned so much just to keep the kids around, she too felt alone in that place like Nobara and Fumi. And after she was forced out, she hadn't forgotten about them even if she claimed to not hold those memories as important. Now it all burst through her mind like it was yesterday. 

"I've missed you two …so much." She took this as divine intervention and decided to hug the two.

'This is the best!' Nobara laughed, Saori was making tea and the familiar scene made her happy. However her eyes swam through the room to find another person, but he wasn't around.

'I'll pick you up in a few hours, don't let the time go to waste.' The voice in her head startled her, but soon her smile came back. 

He didn't need to tell her that, she looked forward to this for years. Now that it happened, she would be sure to make full use of it.

For the next few hours, she talked with Saori about everything that happened since the last time. But, as they were regular civilians she couldn't tell them about curses and the incidents that have taken the country by storm. Neither can she talk about what happened with her close encounter with death and such.

'But, wouldn't they know about it because of this?' Nobara wondered how this would work out, but she decided to not think about it, 'Adam will figure it out, he is the one who started this after all.'

However, thinking about him made another stream of thought appear. There weren't many people she could ask regarding this topic, definitely not the people at Jujutsu High considering the current situation. But, she wouldn't go to half of them even if things were normal.

"Saori Nee-chan, can you give me some dating advice?"