Unfree to Fly

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What is Unfree to Fly

Read ‘Unfree to Fly’ Online for Free, written by the author Sari_Murniasih, This book is a Teen Novel, covering SLICEOFLIFE Fiction, BEAUTY Light Novel, TEEN Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "Quitta secretly has feelings for Ghaza, one of the students at her school who is famous for being a playboy. But when s...


"Quitta secretly has feelings for Ghaza, one of the students at her school who is famous for being a playboy. But when she finds out her mother set her up with Ghaza, Quitta chooses to hide her feelings from everyone. especially after her desire to become a chef was opposed by her mother. Meanwhile, Kevlar is trapped in a toxic relationship with Alea, the woman who has become his fiancé. When he finds out that Alea is having an affair, Kevlar plans to break up with her, but his parents instead urged him to immediately marry Alea. To cancel the plan, Kevlar tries to approach Quitta so his parents know that he is already in a relationship with another girl. But after knowing Quitta's true state, his feelings that were just playing turned into reality. While Ghaza who doesn't look sincere to Quitta buries the same feelings for the girl. And when he learns that Kevlar is trying to win Quitta's heart, Ghaza doesn't stand still."

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Helen has stolen my heart with this epic story of 2 broken souls. I opened this ARC with the intention of it lasting a couple of evenings of after work reading. Wow was I wrong, I started and finished this book in 4 hours. I didn't even stop for a break, I couldn't. I was drawn in from the very first chapter. I can not wait for more of the Steel Brothers. I was blown away with the story that is Talon and Jade. They both have walls built, they both have been hurt and humiliated, one much more than the other, but they have protected their hearts to not fall in love. But will their emotions get the best of them? Jade has just been left at the alter and decided to move in with her best friend on the Steel ranch, when she gets to the airport Marj (Jade's best friend) was not able to pick her up so she sent her brother Talon. The one Steel brother she hasn't meet. And the chemistry she felt was instant, but she was determined to not let him get to her. Talon has served in the military and seen things he wish he hadn't. He also suffers from what appears to be a childhood trauma. He has been severely hurt and doesn't know how to show any emotion other than he is a master in the bedroom (His words, not mine.) He is the perfect Alpha Male; tall, dark, and extremely sexy. But his emotional walls are taller than the wall in China. He knows he has feelings for Jade, or at least he thinks he does. Will the 2 ever really be able to open up to one another? Oh I wish I knew.

Ammara_Rana_5759 · Teen
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