24 The unforgettable night part 3


Ina felt her body heat up and her heart started to beat fast, Her whole body was exposed now as the red lingerie set was taken off completely by him.

She gasped when he cupped her left breast fondling it as his lips kissed its way down from her jawline to the sensitive part of her neck sucking it making her body tremble in his arms.

Ina closed her eyes as her lips parted small gasps escaped from her lips.

His lips went further down taking her pink nipple between his lips.

"Ah...ah." She monad as she tried to move away from him but he held her tightly not letting escape as he continued to assault her pink bud.

Ina felt a gush of something warm between her thighs every time he took the sensitive bud between his lips, She suddenly started to feel uncomfortable down there, She needed something, She wants him to touch her there.

He sucked and bit her pink nipple repeatedly repeating the same to its twin until she finally give up letting do as he pleased.

She could only moan a sigh at his molestation of her sensitive nipples.

Damien pulled back admiring his work but his fingers never stopped teasing her pink nipples as he flicked and punched them watching her body as it twisted in pleasure.

He noticed how she was closing her thighs tightly trying to relieve the pressure between them.

He pushed her down on the bed placing a soft kiss on her lips as he parted her legs.

Ina watched with anticipation as he lowered himself down between her legs, She felt him stroke the inside of her thighs gently until he felt her relax them.

Slowly and gently he started to rub her clit to her inhale a sharp breath before she started to moan every time he added more pressure, He wanted more, He wanted to hear her scream his name out until her voice become hoarse.

The finger that was rubbing her sensitive bud went lower to her secret entrance, He slowly entered one finger and heard her cry in discomfort, He noticed that she was still not ready!

He pulled out his finger and replaced it with his mouth.

"Ah." Ina monad arching her back when she felt his warm tongue licking her entrance before he entered inside her.

Damien parted her legs more than he started to thrust his tongue inside her faster drawing her closer to her first release.

She grabbed the sheets under her tightly moaning as he took her clit between his lips sucking it roughly until she orgasmed in his mouth but Damien wasn't planning to stop there, He entered his finger inside her wet pussy thrusting it fast and rough until she came undone for the second time before he positioned himself between her legs.

Ina who was panting heavily felt his hand caressing her cheek gently, She opened her eyes and found him staring back at her, His eyes held a warm look in them.

Damien bent down capturing her lips in his but this time the kiss was very slow and gentle as she felt him push the tip of his member inside her slowly.

It felt different this time and less painful.

He grabbed her hand entwining there hands together before he pushed himself fully inside her to hear him groan in pleasure, He started to move slowly as he watched her face expression looking for any discomfort but she found none.

Ina monad when she felt his member hitting a sweet spot inside her that she didn't know about it, Ina held into his hand tightly as waves of intense pleasure spread through her body.

His movements gradually increased as he lifted her legs kissing her ankles before he placed them on his shoulders as he started to thrust himself faster inside her wet tight pussy making her scream in pleasure, And with two rough thrusts, he groaned as he emptied himself inside her.

But his work was unfinished, He parted her legs and started rubbing her clit until she reached the high sky.








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