1 Prologue

When the McConnell Family tried to expand their business and came to Yorkshire City to personally do negotiations, they were attacked by unknown assailants. Though the reason for the attack was obvious.

On the surface, the local overlord in Yorkshire City, the West Family, did not want the McConnell Family in their place and have a piece of their pie taken.

As for the other hidden reason, the West Family also wanted to take over Golden Gates City, as not only the two cities close enough for the West Family to gain steady control of the operations once they take root in Golden Gates City, the potential profits were just too tempting and enormous, especially to their plans.

As for why the West Family dared to do such a thing so openly, to the point of attacking the McConnell Family in public instead of opting with silent assassinations, it's because it was said that they have backing from the Royal Family. Though, it was unknown on who exactly it was that was backing them.

The trip to Yorkshire City was supposed to be both business and vacation for the McConnell's family of four. They were supposed to sightsee around the city after the negotiations were over, but things didn't go as planned.

The McConnell Family had hired experts to protect them; specifically seven Rank 90 Mortal experts, two Rank 2 Awakened experts and one Rank 4 Awakened expert. However, the opponent went all out and doubled, if not tripled, the amount of experts that they sent. They had four Rank 2 Awakened experts, two Rank 3 Awakened experts, and two Rank 4 Awakened experts.

With such a force, the McConnell Family was defeated and despite managing to escape. Gui McConnell, the young miss of the McConnell Family, died in the initial attack of the enemies. She was picking up the ball that rolled near the window of the meeting room and was gruesomely crushed by the collapsing wall.

Gui's older brother watched her demise and the now bloodstained ball rolling at his feet. He collapsed to his knees as he looked back and forth at the ball and the hand of his sister under the rubble that was the only body part visible. Soon, he felt his vision darken as he followed his sister into the Yellow River.

However, the family nor the expert that saved the boy didn't know this. All they knew was that he "fainted" from shock because his pulse was still there.

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Agustus held Isabella, that was holding their remaining child, behind his back. As for Gui's body, it was sent by one of the experts away from the battlefield after it was dug out of the rubble. This was to not get it tainted by the battle and desecrate her body. Obviously, the expert came back to help after securing the young miss in a safe place.


Agustus himself was a Rank 2 Awakened, as he was an adventurer before he settled with Isabella in Golden Gates City as a merchant. As for Isabella, she was an "Ice Queen" in her adventuring days and was a Rank 4 Awakened. Currently, they only needed to buy time as their back up, a Rank 16 Awakened was on his way.

As time passed, the Mortal experts that they hired were reduced to only two people from the original seven. The two Rank 2 Awakened self-destructed and managed to take out one enemy Rank 3 Awakened while injuring the other one, and two of the enemy Rank 2 Awakened and injuring the remaining two.

Agustus and the Family's hired Rank 4 Awakened were both injured and exhausted, with cuts all over, while Isabella was getting low on mana. Although their enemies were by no means unscathed, they had the number's advantage.

More time passed and all the Mortal experts that the McConnell Family hired had died and Isabella ran out of mana. Agustus and the Rank 4 Awakened were beyond exhausted, only managing to support themselves by using their swords as crutches as they kneeled on the ground.

At this time, the heavily breathing Isabella finally let out a relieved sigh, saying, "He's here..."

To this, Agustus' stained and exhausted face was adorned with a smile. They had persisted for nearly three hours, it was really a good thing that he had told Ben to start travelling from the Capital prior. This was so that when something happened, which did, Ben could rush to Yorkshire City after he ripped the emergency talisman. He invited Ben as a guest and have a small reunion but Ben was saving his ass instead.

Fortunately, he trusted his guts when he felt someone watching them as soon as they entered the city in the morning. Just that, his daughter... Thinking about it made his heart ache. He got distracted with the negotiations that he lowered his guard. He took his family with him to gather all their forces in one place but he neglected his duty of actually protecting his family!

These bastards dared to attack them in the open! For what? Because they got backing form the Royal Family? Fine, if that's what they want to play, he'll gladly comply!

A decisive, somewhat crazed, glint flashed through Agustus' eyes. At the same time, he felt the hug of his wife and her motherly breasts pressing the back of his head, and leaned on them. The battle was over. The injured enemies couldn't possibly match a Rank 16 Awakened. The building they were in had long been destroyed and the surrounding buildings in the square had also collapsed.

Agustus felt someone walking to his front and opened his eyes. He said with a familiar grin, "You're late."

Ben couldn't help but smile, this friend of his was the same as always. He replied with, "Still a cheeky bastard, aren't you?"

However, their banter was cut short by Agustus' screams of pain. Turns out that Isabella was twisting his ear. Agustus wanted to take her hand off, as he dropped his sword and began reaching. Alas, it was simply swatted away by Isabella.

"Thank you for the help Ben, just ignore this monkey like always." Isabella said in an apologetic way.

Ben blinked a few times, before he burst out laughing, "Hahaha~ Man, this never gets old! I kinda miss this you know..."

The three of them then looked at each other and smiled.

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With Ben escorting them, the family of four headed back to their estate in Golden Gates City after treating their wounds. There was no need to stay in Yorkshire City now that peaceful negotiations were simply impossible.

The second night after the incident in Yorkshire City, in the McConnell Family estate, inside a dimly lit room.

The remaining child of Agustus and Isabella, and the heir of the family finally opened his eyes.

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