105 The Head

Only one day had passed before Dilan was fully tended to.

But instead of staying idle, he walked outside the hospital and was standing right in front of Rian's biggest police station.

It was not even close to being comparable to the Rian mountainside hospital in terms of size, but it was quite decently protected because a tall and high steel fence surrounded the large, five-story building.

One could say that it was the perfect means of protection in the Apocalypse.

However, Dilan was not exactly worried that he would be detected. As such, he was walking around the building rather openly.

He was quickly detected which was what Dilan had planned all along.

"Arms up, or I'll shoot!!"

A hoarse voice reached his ears that were loud enough to attract some zombies and other monsters.

Dilan simply lifted his arms in surrender and followed the instructions he had been given before announcing in a loud and clear voice,


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