139 Shikan plains

The Shikan plains were right next to Rian, and the mountainside where everything had begun for Dilan.

The plains were a huge area that covered more than 30 cities and hundreds of small villages.

In total, more than 100 million humans inhabited the Shikan plains before the Primordial Ascension.

Because there were so many humans, Dilan had already presumed that the situation might be even more dangerous than it was the case on Rian.

After all, Rian was only a border city to the Shikan plains while humans were highly sought after because of their Essence crystals' efficiency.

Even if mankind's stance against mutated animals, mythical monsters, and other creatures was already disadvantageous, once everyone was to understand that the Essence crystals of humans would never cease to provide status points, carnage would devour the continent, if not the entire planet.


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