Undying Warlord

Dilan, 21-years-old, was anything but ordinary. He sought adrenaline wherever he could. Life didn’t feel worth living on the small blue planet he was born on. However, it was a seemingly ordinary night on new year’s eve that everything changed! A raging storm manifested on the mountainside he had climbed on to feel free, to escape the ordinary world that bored him to death. And death was what awaited him eagerly as he was flung through the air, just to be pricked by an old, seemingly ancient tree trunk. Not even a miracle would be enough to save him anymore. But it was just at this moment that something much bigger than a miracle happened. Every single existence on the blue planet got connected to the Log of the Ancient, something most would label as “Status”. The ordinary and mundane world changed forever, turning into a bloody and merciless battlefield as the Primordial Ascension unsealed the shackles that weighed on the planet for millions of years. Mythical mana was unleashed, animals began to mutate, zombies emerged, and monsters known from fairy tales appeared out of Gates. Follow the journey of a man, who seeks adrenaline, who embraces pain, who overcomes death itself …a man, who will become an Undying existence! ** P.S Romance/R.18(any type of love yk) will start 250 earliest.

HideousGrain · Action
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751 Chs

Night Invasion

"It looks like something on the abandoned island is pulling all kinds of monsters toward it… That's why there are so many powerful monsters…" Dilan guessed as he stretched his stiff body.

He was currently sitting on the branches of one of the bigger trees near the beachside of the abandoned island to observe the monsters.

Two hours had already passed since the marine monsters with the ability to walk on land had emerged from the ocean and the incoming flood of monsters had yet to stop.

Dilan fought the monsters for quite a while, increasing the number of Essence points he had by a large amount. However, in the end, Dilan chose against continuing fighting because a bunch of monsters that were way too powerful for him had appeared.

Against his expectations, Silver Flood Dragons had emerged from the ocean. This was shocking, especially since the Silver Flood Dragons had been one of the kill targets with the Hell-difficulty advancement mission.