Undying Symphony

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What is Undying Symphony

Read Undying Symphony novel written by the author Tearing_Sanctuary on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering magic, dark, villain, revenge, beauty. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


She was with her classmates when they were suddenly summoned into a new world where they would defeat a great evil. During a mission, something went wrong that even the Heroes could not hope to solve, and there was only one way to survive. That was to sacrifice one of them. She was chosen, not of her own will, but of the desperation of others. Then there she was subjected to countless torments that made her desire death above all else. After a long time, the doors had finally opened, unleashing new evil that threatens the world. Kingdoms shall burn and fall, and other kinds of evils will pale in comparison to the new being, young or old. Note: This is not Romance Cover Image Not Mine | Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/91182994

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Siang hari, Nadine keluar rumah karena disuruh mama nya membeli garam di warung,Karena Nadine orang baru yg tinggal di komplek itu. Saat tiba di warung,Nadine melihat wanita yg menurutnya pas bertemanan dengan dia (Nadine) "beliii,Bu beli bu'' ucap Nadine teriak halus "Hm,,,apaan neng?siang siang kewarung beli apaan?" kata Bu warung. "Ada garem Bu?" kata Nadine sambil mainin beras "Berapa kilo,eh kilo,berapa bungkus" kata Bu warung sambil melawak "1 bungkus aja Bu" ucap Nadine sambil menunggu diberi garam,Nadine memperkenalkan diri dengan wanita yang disampingnya. "Hai!" ucapnya Nadine "hai juga" ucap Anisa "kenalin,nama ku nadine,nama mu siapa?" "nama gue anisaaa cakepp bangett" katanya alay "owh,salam kenal ya" senyum Nadine di akhir kata Ibu warung pun memberi garam ke nadine,dan Nadine memberi uang dan Nadine pulang kerumah. "Tunggu bentar! Nadine anak baru! sini deh" Aku menoleh kepala dengan gemetaran karena aku takut di bully. "ya ada apa?' "kenalin nih temen gue,eh maksudnya para temen lucknut gue,ups sebenarnya dia geng gue :>" "Oh,salam kenal,Aku Nadine" kata Nadine "Nih gue kenalin yeh! ni yang montok Namanya Venus,Yang kembarannya bidadari namanya adelia,nah gue ketua nya,lu udh kenal kan?gamungkin lupa kaya nenek nenek aja'' kata Anisa "Hai venuss,hai Adelia,haha aku kenal kamu kok nama kamu Anisa cakep banget kan?'' kata Nadine. "Nah gue pengen kenal lebih dalam sama lu!,gece lu pulang gih Anter noh garem emak lu" kata Anisa "oh iya iya asiap gue balik dulu yekk" kata Nadine "GUE IKUT ANJIR" kata venus,samping Adelia "hah?ayo ayo skuy la" kata Nadine (berjalan....) "dah lu tunggu sini ye,gue masuk dulu" kata Nadine "MAKKKKK,AYEMM COMBEKKK TOO HOMEE" kata Nadine so so ucap Inggris (jujur kalian kaya begini engga??) Saat itu Nadine,Venus,Adelia,dan Anisa ke saung saung "nah,lu mau kan ikut geng gue,ntar lu ngeliat cogan cogan awoakow'' kata venus "em, gimana ya?" cap Nadine "lah anying bingung die" kata Adelia "GUE GASUKA TOXIC ?" Kata Nadine "Gaapa ntr juga ikutan awokawok ?'' kata venus "Yauda deh ok lah" kata Nadine "UYEYY MEMBER BARUU!!!" teriak Venus,Adelia,dan Anisa "eh ngapa lu kaya setan?'' tanya nadine "eh gangapah" ucap Anisa . . Dan akhirnya mereka tukeran no telp,dan membuat grup online. - - swipe?!

Elsye_Geraldine · Movies
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The Return of Astra

Zen. The strongest being in the universe. He grew from an orphan with nothing but his own talent to the strongest being to ever exist in his universe, earning him the nickname Astra. If you asked The Emperor, The Archmage, The War God, The Moon Priestess, The Eldest Dragon Numinox, who was the strongest? They would all reply the same name, Astra, or what his few closest friends knew him as, Zen. He grew so strong.. that the laws of the universe refused to let him die. He lived for 1000's of years, with no challenge, no adversary, no enemy. He was at the top, he had reached his goal, completed the main drive for his existence, and he hated it. It was only when he reached the top that he realised what was truly important. It was the journey. The people he met, friends he made, the fights where life and death could be decided in a single second, this was what truly made him feel alive. Without that.. he was nothing but an empty shell. He tried killing himself. He teleported to deep space and got rid of the spiritual energy around his lungs, intending to suffocate himself. When he woke up, he no longer required breathing to live. He refused to eat or sleep, tried cutting his neck open, even jumping into a volcano, but he always survived. So, he did the only thing he could in that situation. Put himself into a coma and sealed himself away for eternity, never to wake again. If he couldn't die, couldn't feel any excitement or joy, then he would go into an eternal slumber. He wasn't all that surprised when he woke up, he somewhat expected the universe to play its cruel tricks once again. His body returning to that of a child with no strength, in a completely different world? Now that, that was a surprise.

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I love this story so much, the concept, the plitline, the main character 😭😭💞💞 All of it is put together so well and the characters are relatable as well. I love the trope as well, although it can be considered cliche, the storyline is very well executed and feels extremely unique. I love this novel, definitely give it a try. I will patiently wait until the day this novel starts updating again 😌😌


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