1 Prologue

I'm "Hayami Nakano", My Mother raised me as a Boy because of the fear of loosing me and being taken away by My Father. But I've always thought of meeting My Father and Twin Brother, "I wonder what my Brother looks like... do we really look alike?", Since My Mother doesn't like it whenever I talk about Father-.

Well enough with the Drama I'm a High Schooler now, though My Mother is a little overprotective and she's always worried if I'd get bullied, so I made myself tougher not only Mentally but also Physical. It's a good thing I learned Martial Arts when I was little so I also know how to fight, to be able to protect myself just incase of Dangers.

My other problem is that Girls falls Inlove with me and confesses to me, and since I'm a Girl too I can't really reply to that. So I just act as if I have a Girlfriend-, And I'm not really interested in dating anyone Neither Boy or Girl, since I've only liked one person and that was when we we're still young, I know its just a childhood crush but still he's the only one I've ever liked. But he had to leave and I never got to tell him my true feelings since I can't tell him I'm actually a Girl.

To be honest I don't clearly remember his name nor his face but I still somehow remember it but as I said it's not clear, my memories with him are blurry too since I've met him when we we're 3 and he left when we we're 6. Well I still hope I could meet him...Someday.